How To Fix Flaking Clear Coat || How To Flow Coat – Single Stage Paint Job and More Autobody Q&A

Flaking clear coat is an annoyingly recurrent problem for many car owners but the solution isn’t all that difficult to implement. Flaking clear coats can be caused by various factors, and sometimes the conditions can become so severe. There are quick fixes you can try on your own first, though, before taking things into your … Read more

How To Apply Automotive Primer Paint: 1k Primer/Sealer, 2k Urethane, Rustoleum Primer || Q&A

Primer can be an important aspect in maintaining your vehicle’s paint job and protecting it against rust, chipping, or scratches. In order for the new layer of paint that goes on top to adhere properly, your car needs a solid base underneath. This is where automotive primer plays its part. Here are some steps and … Read more

Automotive Paint Job Went Bad | What’s the Best Grit To Use?? – Autobody Q&A

Thank you for checking out this post. Know what’s the best grit to use on your automotive paint job. Find out the answer and hope this helps! Get Free Auto Body Training Guides and Videos here and don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to my YT channel. Stay tuned for new videos coming out.  You said it’s a single-stage paint job. You don’t … Read more

Tips on Sanding, Compounding, and Polishing Automotive Paint: Autobody Q&A

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Single Stage or Basecoat-Clear? Which Automotive Paint is better? -Autobody Q&A

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