Collision Repair Basics: Front Bumper Support Install and Alignment

What’s going on guys, Tony here from Paradice Garage and So we finally got the parts in took about 12 days give or take. This video will show you the steps to install and align the front bumper support on this BMW i3.

What we might do before we put this front support in is screw our radiator vent in and that looks like this right over here. This unit right here has a little motor hooked up to it.

Radiator Air Vent
Multiple Motor Unit

You can see a little motor unit here goes in this way pretty much like that. You can see the multiple motor unit. I’m glad it came with the whole unit assembly. I wasn’t sure what it looks like, it’s just pretty much one piece.

It opens and closes these flaps when necessary. I’m not sure but probably high speeds. So all we got to do is unplug this and then we can plug it into the new piece.

So we’re getting there that was probably maybe 45 minutes so far not even we have our two front bumper supports in. These are tight for our vent unit in the front, looks really good, everything lined up perfectly so we know that there was no major frame damage.

The only thing that was buckled is these things which we completely replaced.

So now we’re going to put our front support in and has to be flipped around. We’re going to get this thing aligned up I have to take out one more from the old bumper support.

There we go, we got all four of these ready to put in. We’ll tighten them better with our regular ratchet, just a quick snug. See how she’s looking looks a little off to me it looks a little higher on that side.

Maybe there might be some pounding required that’s why we keep everything loose so we can do some minor adjusting before we try to tie in everything.

So this actually looks really good, looking a lot straighter right. So that’s what we did. We’re gonna actually try to fit the bumper cover line as much as possible before we tighten those up. We want to see where how everything sits in. But if we look at it now it looks very straight now.


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