Can You Spray New Single Stage Over Old Single Stage Paint? | Autobody Q&A

It’s Tony here from Paradice Garage and I hope you are doing well. Another topic for this Auto Body Q&A is about “Spraying New Single Stage Over Old Single Stage Paint”. I hope I helped you out with this Auto Body Question and Answer live video.

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You can, depending on the condition of your old single-stage paint. A primer in between would be best. However, you could spray directly over a single stage because it is a foundation of paint, it’s dependent.

If it’s old and flaking off and doesn’t look that good, then you might want to consider priming it. But if it looks in pretty good decent condition and you’re sanding it all off, if the colors coming off and you still look like it has a good foundation, then you can spray directly over it.

Just don’t forget to wax and grease before you paint, also finish off. 

You could technically finish off with a coarse grit on a single stage because it’s thicker paint. It’s gonna cover 400 easily. You could even paint over like a 360 grit if you wanted to.

I’ve heard people painting over like a 320 grit, but I wouldn’t do that with dark like a black.

I would kind of go at least 360 but 400 is really ideal. 400 for basecoat clearcoat, 400 for single-stage. It’s a little overkill, but I’d like to spray over 400.

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