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Question: How long do I leave clear before buff?

Answer: It depends on the clear coat you use. Most clear coat now you could literally color sand and buff the next day. But that’s at body shops when they’re kind of baking it, or just you don’t even have to bake it really. Letting it sit for a day or two.

Usually, the clears today, dry hard enough where you can color sand and buff. There are also speed clears that you could look into. But for body shops banging out jobs every day, they color sand the next day, buffing out the door.

On the other hand, if I’m doing a custom project, I want to let my clear coat cure a little bit more, a week or two. Sometimes up to a month before you sand it down again and flow coat it. Or sand it down again and buff it out.

Question: When repainting my truck do I have to use an epoxy primer or can I just shoot a high build primer then block to 400?

Answer: It depends if you have a lot of metal showing. If you don’t have a lot of metal showing you could just shoot a high build primer, block it out. You can use that powder for blocking or could use a guide for a guide coat or you could use an aerosol. I would use a flat black for blocking and just go from there.

Question: Is there any purpose to spray clear over single-stage?

Yes if you want, you could for extra protection because clearcoat is a protective coat. Enamel, you could leave a single-stage there.

It could get oxidized over years but you can sand and buff it. Clearcoat’s going to be the same thing. You could sand and buff that too over the years. It’s another protective barrier.

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What you could do is mix clear in your single-stage so after like. Maybe on your last coat of single-stage, add a little over like a quart and half of the mixed clear coat into your second coat of enamel. That will give you that gloss and extra protection. 


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