😱Paint Defects: How To Avoid Orange Peel on Your Car?🤔|| Quick AutoBody Q&A🌴🚗

I hope you enjoyed our quick Autobody Q&A. One of the most commonly asked autobody questions is about “Paint Defects: How To Avoid Orange Peel on Your Car?” So here’s a piece of advice for this car paint problem. Hope this helps! Get your Free AutoBody Training Guides and Videos here 👈 and join me on my YT Live AutoBody Q&A session to get great information to help you with your own custom paint projects!


Question: Is it ok to shoot more paint after I tried to get rid of some orange peel?

Yes, absolutely! If you’re painting single-stage, it has to be dry for you to sand the orange peel out and then reclear it. Or if it is a basecoat and you have peel on the basecoat, you could sand it with 400-600 grit. Get it flat and then rebase it. 

However, you should never be having an orange peel, especially on basecoats, because that means you’re doing something wrong. These are the times you’re really getting orange peel on stuff. 👇

🚫 Paint is way too thick

🚫Too much material coming out

🚫 You’re too close to the panel 

🚫The paint mixture is wrong

So make sure: 👇

✅ you have a slow reducer when it comes down to laying your clear coat

✅ If it’s cold, then you can use a Medium reducer (70 degrees)

✅ …and Slow reducer for 75 degrees – 90 degrees

Question: Scored a carbon fiber hood in a junkyard but it’s faded, how can I repair it? 

It depends on the fade. If there’s either clearcoat or the resin that is faded on that hood, sometimes both. If you could feel like you could sand that fade off or any imperfections you have. You could definitely re-clear it but I would do it over like an 800 grit.

Question: Would you put flake over or under a ghost pearl?  

Yes, I would put flake under it and put the ghost pearl above. You could even use a micro flake inside of the ghost pearl, like a smaller flake. Use jumbo for the base, then the ghost pearl, you could mix mini flake in it and have mini flake pearl.


Thank you guys for joining me on this quick AutoBody Q&A! Stay tuned for upcoming video that’ll show you how to paint candy rims and we even did something a little different, so stay tuned!


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