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Question: Painted silver metallic ended up with tiger strip. Sand with 400 and spray base and clear again to fix? 

Answer: Yes, absolutely you should be good! You could even go with like a 600 because eventually, 400 will wear out like a 5 or 6. So if you have an old piece of 400 just scuff it. Then you could just put a new basecoat on top of it, but when spraying your basecoat try to spray it in a crisscross. (Watch the video for a short demo – 6:00)

Question: Can I add some additional flake to my stainless steel metallic?

Answer: Yes, you can! If you want to add flake, the best way to get the flake effect in paint is not to mix it in the basecoat. It’s putting the flake an inner coat clear over your basecoat or even mixing your flake in a clear coat and then spraying it on top of your paint layer.

Because if you mix flake in paint, you’re gonna have to put a lot of it to get that metallic look. As the paint will literally cover it and you won’t see the flake. That’s why you know it’s important to put flake on top of your basecoat, especially if you want to have a different color flake.

Question: Should overlap be 70-80% with metallics?  

Answer: No, 50% overlap is fine with metallics, you just gotta be spraying it correctly and so the crisscross pattern.

Question: How do I mix micro-flakes to paint. Is this for paint or clear and how do I measure it?  

Answer: To mix micro-flake, you want to put it in an inner coat clear which is a clear basecoat. You could also mix it right in your clearcoat if you’re going to be mixing it in clearcoat. You just want to make sure that you don’t run it. Because if you run flake in the clear coat, you’re going to get that flaky run.

Then when you sand it, you’re still going to see that flake run even if it’s cut flat and it’s going to look like crap. As long as you could get a glossy paint job without running, you’ll be fine. But if you’re a little hesitant and you want some extra insurance and comfort, do your basecoat.

Get the DBC500 from PPG, it’s an inner coat clear which is a clear basecoat you mix up. Put your flake in there and shoot it on over your color which is a clear basecoat. Then put clear on top of that and you’re good!

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