DO THIS! Spraying CAKED UP 2K Primer on RAW Plastic and Epoxy Primer

This is a quick video to show you how to mix primer (EGC 21TT) and this primer was sitting for about a month before we started using it. So I’m going to show you how to mix caked-up primer, what to look out for and how to check for paint consistency. Also, were going to go over-spraying some of these bike parts with that 2k primer over an epoxy primer that we did on some of the metal pieces like the rims and these pieces up in here.

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📌Prepping for Paint – Mixing Primer

  • When you have a primer that sat for a little while, it cakes up at the bottom. So you want to make sure instead of just using the top right, you want to make sure to mix this really well to get that out and not mixing with hardener. 
  • It might take you a couple of minutes to mix it, but once you mix it, it will be good for a while if you’re gonna keep using it. This has been sitting for a while, maybe about a month or so after I bought it. 
  • This stuff lasts a long time and doesn’t go bad. You just got to make sure you mix it up, take the caking off the bottom. Mix well until dissolved, then go ahead and mix your reducer and activator.

📌Poking holes in the can so primer can drip back in…

📌4:1 mixture with up to 10% reducer if needed (2k filler primer)

📌Notice it getting thicker and consistent

  • make sure to mix solvents thoroughly

📌Notice the thickness of the primer 

📌You should remove cup filters when spraying thicker materials ❗❗

📌Spraying an adhesion promoter over raw plastic 

  • I am using bulldog- Spray 2-3 light coats over plastic. Wet coverage is not needed)

📌Let flash dry for 15-20 minutes

📌Spraying 2k filler primer over adhesion promoter over raw plastic 

  • Plastic was wet sanded with 400 grit sandpaper)

📌Using Atom X88 Spray Gun with a 1.4 tip – Check out 👉 for Top Quality Spray Guns

  • this is an LVLP gun and it was spraying nicely at 14-16 PSI (low overspray gun)

📌Testing out the GunBudd Spray Gun Lightning System

📌Spraying 2k filler primer over Epoxy primer that was flashed about 2hrs 

  • the epoxy flashed for about 2hrs. Anywhere over 90 minutes is ok.)

📌Spraying about 2 medium coats

📌Dusting an area lightly because it looks like there was an adhesion issue ❗❗

  • spraying it on and dusting it lightly with a lot of air usually fixes the issue.

📌Always check your work after Spraying❗❗

  • It’s easy to wet up dry areas if you missed a spot.

I hope you enjoyed this topic! Giving you these little insider tips and tricks on the whole auto body process. I can make them longer, but I wanted to keep this one a little short for you to point on this specific. 


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