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Digital Performance Gauges

Now, this Atom X27 spray gun that I mostly use for most of my paint jobs, as well as the Atom X88 and this is the analog-style digital gauge that comes with it. 

I have no problems with it. I’ve heard a few people had issues with it. Coming from the factory not mounted correctly or whatever. But the guns that I’ve had with the gauge, I’ve never had any problems, although I had a couple of VIP members asked me, what is a good digital gauge? 

So I came across two promising and very good air gauges here. They look like this same display on the front, but different dial on the side. After testing both of them on the Grom paint job project. I like this one better (bigger knob) because there’s less hassle and the knob is a little bigger, so it’s easier to use. 

When adjusting your pattern, super important, especially when you’re changing fan patterns and you want to up the pressure or lower the pressure it’s most commonly to lower the pressure. So this is what it looks like attached to your water separator your last-minute insurance water filter, 

You just have to push the button, and it gives you about 10 seconds to read your psi. It is super easy to adjust. Then, that’s it, it just turns off when you’re done.

It’s a solvent-resistant plastic, though you can be careful of course, you don’t want to get solvent to paint all over it right.

But I mean, if you’re using it for normal use, and you’re making sure you’re not spilling paint all over your gun, you’re going to be fine, you’re not going to have an issue, and it works perfectly/very well. 

Adjust your air PSI settings by using the easy gauge control knob. Push the “On” button, set your spraying pressure, and forget about it.
Try the premium way to set your spray guns and go digital for much better control and accuracy.

This other one that I was looking at, you know it has a smaller knob here but then you got to kind of release use this, this red release here to turn it and then lock it, I didn’t like that feature. So actually I like this one a lot better (bigger knob).

320 grit sanding the entire vehicle before putting on an epoxy primer-sealer, is it ok? I have a deeper scratch on my right door or is 220 grit better? 

You can go with either or. If you’re going to be spraying in a epoxy primer to2 20 or 320 is a good grit. Okay, you could even go over those same grits you could even spray if you’re going with a filler primer. And you can sand with a 150 grit and have no issues.

I picked up the Atom X88 Infinity LVLP vs HVLP, will it be ok to paint a complete vehicle with it being LVLP?

You can absolutely paint a whole car with you could paint everything with a low volume, low pressure. It’s a great gun.

In fact, I like painting with low volume, low pressure. I like painting candies and clear coats.

You could do primers, you could paint anything you want with that gun. And shockingly, that thing is really low volume.

I was spraying a filler primer on the ground with that thing at 6 to 14 psi and it was laying on like unbelievable.

Do you use 3/8 or 1/2 air hose to your guns and do you find a difference if you have used both?

We use 3/8 that’s all we need, 3/8 is all you need. It’s enough hose diameter with a quarter-inch coupling on it. 3/8 hose perfect for painting, that’s the standard size.

Hope this helped you guys! Thank you for tuning in, you guys are AWESOME!!


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