How To Prep and Spray EPOXY PRIMER Over Aluminum Rims and Steel Parts🏍😎

In this video, we’ll be sanding and feathering out imperfections in aluminum rims and some steel parts so we can cover and seal them with PPG Epoxy Primer. This is the first stage for a long-lasting quality paint job. Get more FREE Auto Body & Paint Training Here and don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to his YT channel.

So we’re going to be doing the aluminum rims on here, this part of the bike, a lot of different pieces. You’re going to want to make sure to spray these things with an epoxy primer to seal them. And then you’re going to put a 2k filler primer on top of that. So watch this video, comment down below, let me know if you liked it. And we got tons of pieces of this project coming out very, very shortly. So I hope you enjoy it.

(1) Remove rims, then remove the sprocket

(2) Degrease and clean rims and tires

(3) All clean and ready for scuffing then buffing

(4) 3m green pad – sand grit range: 320-500

(5) Using a 320 grit to sand out rim damage, corrosion and chips

(6) Be sure to feather chipped paint edges into the aluminum rim

(7) Epoxy primer has a non-porous finish. An ETCH primer is porous 

(8) The nicer you feather, the nicer it will come out

(9) After sanding rims, clean and dry, then mask for epoxy

(10) Masking up RIMS

(11) Prepping for paint – PPG Epoxy primer: JP375 

So this is a 2:1 mixture, epoxy primer, and about 10 to 12% of reducer. the reason why we’re putting a little bit more reduced for the normal is that they’re spraying it out of a 1.4 tip. 

Epoxy/filler primers should really be sprayed out of a 1.8 to a 2.0 tip because it’s a thicker substance, thicker material, and you want to get it on the panel. But you can spray it out of a 1.3 1.4 tip size if you reduce it. Just gonna have to make the material thinner. And then give it a couple of extra coats. 

Here, we’re not doing too much, just spraying a couple of metal pieces here. Some aluminum hanging out of our rims, and we just want to put some epoxy primer on it. Then we’re going to actually put some 2k filler primer on that right after we do this and let it sit and dry. So this is pretty much mixed up.

And I want to kind of show you a trick here on how to look for thickness. It’s important to do this even if you’re a newbie because you start to learn the paint and to see how it drips. So it’s super important.

My dad taught me this when I was 13 years old, when I first started painting is while you’re mixing the paint if it’s too thick, it’ll literally like gum up at the end of the stick here, but it’s dripping really nicely. 

This is actually thinned out really well for a thinned out primer whether it’s epoxy or filler, if it’s too thin, you’ll see that you can see right through to the stick. That means you really know you screwed up because you do want some substance and thickness when it comes to your primers. 

So this is actually a good thickness. I believe to spread over 1.3 or 1.4. Let’s show you how it looks spraying it on. Let’s put our cap on.

(12) The tack rag will last a couple of small projects 

(13) Using brand new Atom X88 Bluemoon Spray Gun

(14) Simply rinsing out the new gun with reducer

(15) Setting Zoolaa Pneumatics Digital Air Gauge 

(16) The Atom X88 Bluemoon sprays great for LVLP HTE gun 

(17) Very low overspray and fine atomization

(18) With Epoxy, you can spray directly over metals and painted surfaces

(19) We are spraying 2-3 medium coats of Epoxy to get a nice seal

(20) Lightning in the garage is better than average 

(21) Nice coat of epoxy over bare aluminum 

(22) Before: It was all rusted out

(23) All primed up with EPOXY! 

(24) When done spraying any kind of primer, clean your gun ASAP❗❗ 

(25) Epoxy done. Now on to 2k filler primer before painting!

❗❗Testing the GunBudd Ultra Lightning System ❗❗GUNBUDD works GREAT! 😎

Alright, so I hope you learned a lot during this little mini segment. Comment down below, let me know what you think. And if you want to see other kinds of videos just let me know, we have a lot more content on this bike project coming out soon. So stay tuned, subscribe if you want to learn step-by-step Auto Body.

You can do this from your home garage or wherever you are, you can bang out amazing custom finishes.

Anyway, it’s Tony here😎 Talk to you soon. Have a good day. ✌🏝🚘


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