DEAD SIMPLE! How-To Mix Any Brand of Automotive Primer or Paint!

What’s up guys! Tony here from Paradice Garage🏝. In this video, I want to teach you “How To Mix Any Primer?”.  I want to show you a couple of things as well by applying the correct primers and sealers to auto body parts and projects. You’re going to be able to bang out really cool projects like this Honda Grom Project.🏍

We’re going to get into mixing primers because some brands of primers that you get don’t give you the mixing ratio and you’re like “How do I mix it?”. So we’re gonna cure that and solve that question for you in this video.

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I was like hey, this would be a good video for you guys. Just so you’re aware of these things. So I’ve been painting for a very long time now, over 20 years. I grew up in the trade and there’s a lot to it. Also, it can get very very simple if you think simply. 

So this video is about mixing. I want to point this out because we get a lot of questions on the channel people saying “How do you mix primer/paint?”

💯Here’s a perfect example of getting something where there’s pretty much no paint mixing ratio directions on it.

So I got some Epoxy Primer from SHOP-LINE and if we take a look at the can here, it gives you all the safety stuff in multiple languages but it doesn’t give you any mixing instructions. It doesn’t give you any charts or anything.

For me, I wasn’t worried about it because I knew they gave me a gallon of Epoxy (Shop-Line JP375) and they gave me two quarts of my Hardener (Shop-Line JH3770). So I automatically knew subconsciously that it was a 2:1 mixture.

📌If you see something like this, you know it’s a 2:1 mixture. If we look at this base coat  (JB9300), you’ll see that it’s 1:1. And I like to use medium most of the time for my Reducer (JR506).

📌For every one part of the Basecoat (JB9300), we got to put one part of our Reducer 1:1.

📌Then they gave me a gallon and two quarts. To use this stuff evenly, it’s basically 2:1. And for every two (2) parts of Epoxy (JP375), you’re gonna put one (1) part of this hardener (JH3770)

📌Then For every four (4) ounces of Epoxy (JP375), you’re gonna put two (2) ounces of Hardener (JH3770).

📌For every gallon of Epoxy, you’re gonna use two (2) quarts of your Hardener. So for half a gallon of Epoxy primer, you’re going to use one (1) quart.

✅ On top of that, after you mix it, you can reduce it (JR506) and that’s another secret you could do is reduce it down a little bit.

A 5 to 10 percent depending on the flow and how it dripping down the paint stick to be able to spray out smaller tip sizes.

🚗 Now, if you really wanna get the maximum usage of an epoxy or filler primer, it’s best to spray it out of large tip size, like 1.8 to a 2.0 especially if you’re doing large pieces, like car panels.

This way you can lay it on really well easily.

🏍 But if you’re doing small parts like motorcycle parts, all I’m going to do is to reduce down the ratio a little bit to make it thinner, so I can easily spray it out of my 1.4 tip size on this Atom X Spray Gun.

So that’s pretty much it. Hope you learned something on How to Mix Primer?. We’re gonna get more into this type of stuff as we progress but give me a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE right here ➡ YT.

Stay tuned for new videos coming out because we’re going to actually show the complete process of this custom Honda Grom builds. We are going to be spraying multiple candy colors as well as multiple clear coat layers on top of the whole project.

You’re really going to enjoy it so stay tuned. Talk to you soon. Have a good day! 



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