Three (3) Stage Pearl Paint Job – AutoBody Q&A

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Q&A: If I do a three (3) stage with pearl, can I use clear coat as the second stage?

Yes, absolutely! Three (3) Stage means that your inner coat/middle stage is a carrier of some sort. You can use a clear coat as a carrier or a clear base coat. They sell certain carriers for certain custom projects but you don’t have to use what they sell. 

For instance, House of Color has a “Kandy Karrier” which is literally a clear coat that you mix your candy concentrate into, spray it, let that flash, then just put more regular clear on top of it. You could just use a regular clear coat as a candy carrier and that’s what we gonna do in this project here. 

And yes, you can use a clear coat as your second stage, as a carrier to carry pearl, flakes, or candy. The only thing is when you’re using a clear coat and you screw up on that stage, you have to do the paint job over. Like if you ran pearl, flake, or candy during that stage.

Like me, I ran candy because I’m rushing it. I wanted it to get dark, I was rushing it and I ran it. So that’s why it’s good to use a clear base coat which is PPG. You can get PPG DBC500 is the product that I use, it’s a clear base coat more for pearl and flake.

For candy, you’re gonna want to use a clear coat or inner carrier clear from the candy product that you are using to lay it on. Then you put clear on top of it.

Q&A: How fine do I need to sand before applying a 2 part sealer before the base coat? Would 500 be fine enough? Would a follow-up with a gray scuff pad on a DA be a good idea or no? The base will be a pearl.

You should be finishing at 400-500 grit. A 600 could be good as well, but I think for me I finish off at 400, then you could do a two-part sealer on if you want. And then you could put a basecoat on. After you do the sealer, you don’t sand, just tack it and you paint, right top of it. I wouldn’t be doing any D.As after the sealer. Just after the sealer, you put the base right on top of it.

Q&A: Does a retarder just make your reducer slower?

It does a little and it also makes clearcoat duller. So if you want to do like a matte clear coat on top, like if you’re looking for a hot rod custom flat black look. You wanna put clear on it, you could put a retarder in it, to basically drop the sheen. 

We’re going into that stuff as well. So there’s a lot of content that I’m going to be making soon.


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