Explaining The Use Of Mid Coat When Painting With Pearls And Flakes: Auto Body Q&A 👈

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Tony B. Richie is back with another live stream entitled Explaining The Use Of Mid Coat When Painting With Pearls And Flakes.

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Question: Flies are attracted to my clearcoat and it went to the centre of my hood. Any recommendations?

I noticed some types of clear coat attract insects more than other brands just because of their sweet smell specifically Dupont clear coats. This brand attracts more bugs than House of Kolor or PPG.

Where are you doing your car painting? Are you doing it in an open area? You need to try to seal the area a little bit better and you can use citronella candles to keep mosquitoes away. 

Question: Just bought an Atom x27 Spray Gun and Atom Mini x16 Spray Gun. What is the smallest tip for the Atom Mini x16 that will spray flake well?

For micro sequence flakes, you can spray it out of a 1.1 tip size. I know it will come out of a 1.2 tip kit, but I’m also quite positive you can use a 1.0 and a 1.1mm. I’d suggest that you test it out and make sure to take off the filter.

Remember, if you mix a flake or pearl in base coat, you need to put so much into it for you to have any kind of effect. On the other hand, you don’t need a lot if you use a mid-coat which is a clear base coat. All you need to put is a teaspoon in a quart. 

Atom Mini X16 Spray Gun on Zoolaa

Question: What are your thoughts on the Atom Mini X16 Spray Gun

If you are specifically referring to spraying flakes with it, yes you can as I mentioned earlier. 😉

Question: How do you paint a chrome bumper?

You need to sand it down with 150-grit, get it all scuffed up and spray a nice 2K epoxy primer and 2K filler primer on top of that. Then, sand and wash it down with 400-grit.

Lastly, spray base coat clear coat or single-stage enamel.

At the back of the bumper, you can seal it with a rubberized undercoating. 

Question: Getting to paint a ‘78 VW Beetle Convertible, just laid down sealer primer used 2 quarts. I’m looking at House of Kolor paint and confused at how many quarts do I order? I’m looking at single-stage so do I mix it a 3:1 ratio?

I haven’t tried the House of Kolor single-stage, so I’m not familiar with their mixing ratios. You can just look, however, at the mixing ratios on the can.

As for how much you need, you can get a 1-gallon kit. You’ll have leftovers so don’t mix the entire 1-gallon can at one shot. 

Atom X88 Spray Gun on Zoolaa

Question: How does the Atom X88 Infinity Spray Gun compare to those expensive popular brands? 

The second-generation version of the Atom X88 Infinity Spray Gun will be a split-tip nozzle so the spray pattern will be a narrow rectangle instead of an oval. 

I believe it is a great value for your money considering the $400 price point with 2 different tip sizes and the GunBudd Ultra Lighting System. 

Question: What do you mean by fog coating?

It’s turning your pressure up about 1-2 PSI and holding your gun back. You need to criss-cross your spraying which is more for spraying metallics and pearls to get an even spraying. 

Question: Do you have a video of doing stripes? 

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