When and How To Use A Car Paint Sealer: Auto Body Q&A 🚘

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Hey, it’s the Tony B. Richie with another auto body Q&A. Today’s highlight is When and How To Use A Car Paint Sealer.

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Question: What are your thoughts on Dolphin glaze over my runs and then sand down? 

Dolphin glaze is just a polyester glaze putty, and he wants to know if he can use it over his runs so he can see how much he’s sanding. 

You can do that if you prefer it that way. Otherwise, you can go straight with the block. Alternatively, you can hit it with a light coat of 1k primer on top of it, use it as a guide coat then sand it. 

I don’t like using the polyester putty, but I feel like there’s so much more material to cut off. It’s just more sanding. 

If you’re sanding with a block, you’ll see what you’re cutting. You can go a couple of strokes then see where you are. Then, constantly feel it because your hands will feel high and low spots, which is why I don’t like wearing gloves when doing bodywork. 

Question: What conditions would you use or not use a sealer?

If I’m doing a $15000 custom paint job, I might use a sealer, but I don’t normally use one. You don’t sand when you’re using a sealer. You just need to spray it on before your basecoat or single-stage.

It doesn’t come out flat and has a sheen to it. It’s supposed to help with paint reactions and help you with doing a uniformed paint job.

I usually go with a primer-sealer. You can add about 5-10% of reducer to a 2K filler primer for it to become a primer-sealer. 

A 2K filler primer is a perfect foundation to paint base. It will stop the bleeding such as your glaze putty coming through. 

Hence, I prefer using a primer-sealer when doing bodywork. You just make sure that it’s covered well then, block that out with 400-grit and you’re ready for paint. This is a perfect foundation.

If you are doing car show projects, you can spend the extra money on a sealer over your base coat clear coat. Then again, it is not necessary for you to do that to get a good paint job.

Question: How do you paint bare parts?

Bare parts should be primed and put a good 2K filler primer, sand it down and paint it. If you’re painting over E-Coat, which is a special coat that goes over metal, you can sand it down with 320-400 grit, then put a 2K filler primer on top of it, wash it down with 400-grit and you’re ready for paint.

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