😎 Primer Sealer Ideas – Sand Paper Grits and Paint Mixing Advice

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Hi, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint with another video on the Q&A series. Here’s another question from Beau. 

“Hey Tony, I’m just prepping my Jeep for filler, primer and paint. A few questions that may be of interest to other viewers.

When do you use a primer sealer? I’m painting over some minor body repairs and the original paint with a new color”

There’s something called filler primer that you can reduce down a little bit more to turn into a sealer that smoothens it out a little bit. There are specific sealers that you don’t have to sand and you could just paint over. 

You need to sand down a 2K primer sealer, which is like a primer filler sealer, before paint. 

I prefer primer sealers. I’ll sand it down with 400 to 600-grit wet sanding, then do my base coat clear coat. 

There are different techniques, so it depends who you follow. At first, you can follow someone else’s techniques, then create your own shortcuts. 

I’ve been doing this for more than 23 years and painted my first motorcycle when I was 13 years old. I painted my car when I was 15 years old, followed and used a lot of techniques. Then, eventually created my own. 

When I’m doing body work, 90% of the time, I use 80-grit. This is for shaping and is a good grit. 40-grit on the other hand, is for major shaping. If I’m close to the lines, I use 80-grit. I don’t need 40-grit at this point to take so much off. 

Then, I can finish off with 150 or 220-grit. It doesn’t make a huge difference. 

If you are looking for a good filler primer, check out the Tamco DTM High Build Primer on Zoolaa. It’s good stuff and pretty much the same quality as Dupont or other more expensive brands. 

“Should I paint the entire project with a 2K primer or just those areas that have body work done?” 

Use a 2K primer filler on body work areas. If you’re trying to cover up body filler and sand scratches,  and you want to get everything smooth, that’s where you prime.

You can prime the entire thing if you want your project to come out really nice. 2K primer the entire thing then block it out. Take your time and do a panel at a time to make it perfect.  

Then, do your glazing for imperfections if there is anything left. Go with 400-grit wet sand or dry sand and do your painting on top of that. 

“ When spraying on multiple coats of primer, base or clear, you need to wait between coats for the product to flash. Will the product in the gun be fine to continue to the next coat or do you need to clean and refresh gun for each coat? “

No, the product is good because when you’re spraying primers, clears or base, you’ll be done in 2 hours. Clear coat has a pop lifetime of 6 hours if it’s covered, and if air gets to it, it will start to dry.

If it’s in a gun and covered, you can leave it there for a few hours without any problems. You’ll be constantly using it, so that’s fine. 

Primer has a short life span but you’re not spending hours priming. When you prime up something, you’ll only spending a few minutes. If it’s a whole car then yeah maybe you will spend half hour priming, which is pretty much it.  

“ In many of your videos, when you’re mixing your base with reducer, you stir then pull the stir stick out to check the viscosity. Sometimes you add a bit more reducer to get a better result. I’d like to know more about this method for paint, clear coat and the thicker primers.” 

I believe you’re referring to basecoat. The general rule is to stick to the mixing ratio. Most base coats are 1:1, If you have a cup of base coat, you need to put about a cup of reducer. 

I like to just mix it up, pull the paint stick out on an angle to see the drips. 1..2..3 is the perfect timing. 

I don’t usually do the same with primers. I recommend to make it a little thicker and use a 1.8 or 2.0 tip size for your spray gun. 

You may want to try out the Atom X27 or the Atom X20 Spray Gun. These are awesome spray guns that are available on Zoolaa

The default tip size included is a 1.3 or 1.4, which is good for base coat clear coat. You can then, add the additional tip kit for to use for priming. 

The Atom tip kit costs only $69.95 to $75, which is less inexpensive than the those of a SATA Spray Gun, which costs around $100.

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