👻 Ghost Pearl Painting Tips – The Two Ways To Spray Pearls or Flake

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Hey, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint with another video for the Q&A series. We’ll be talking about adding pearls as a ghost pearl to white basecoat. 

Here’s the question from a VIP member:

“This is Tony, I’d like to know how to shoot blue ghost pearl over a white base coat. How many grams of ghost pearl should I put to clear coat? I only want to put on one or two coats so you can still see the white paint on a 1937 Ford Tudor.”

You could shoot your pearl in an intercoat base coat, which is a clear base coat or you could mix it directly into your clear coat. I recommend using an intercoat for newbies because you don’t need to worry about having pearl runs which is difficult to buff out. 

When you mix pearls directly into your clear coat and you run it, you’ll see that pearl run which you will not be able to buff out since it’s accumulated pearl in the drip. 

Check out the DBC 500 which is a PPG product. This is not really a clear but an intercoat base coat. You can mix in your pearl here and shoot it on over your white. 

You’ll first do your white base coat. Then, mix up half a gallon of paintable DBC 500 in it. I recommend adding 2-3 ounces of pearl per half a gallon. In essence, you’ll have a 3-stage paint job. You’ll have your white base coat then your blue intercoat then lastly, your clear coat on top of it. That’s three separate paints. 

Here’s the X Finishes Neptune Blue Pearl which are fantastic pearls for your paint job. One 385g pack is recommended for one gallon of clear coat. This will give you a great bluish effect while still having some white on it. You can grab yours on Zoolaa

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