Spraying Metallic Paint On Your Custom Project: Auto Body Q&A 🤩

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Hi, Tony B. Richie again with another auto body Q&A. Today’s focus is on Spraying Metallic Paint On Your Custom Project.

I’m glad you’re here in spite of the technical issues we’ve encountered earlier. We’re now ready for today’s Q&A! 😅

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Let’s go ahead with the Q&A.

Question: Can I use any kind of urethane reducer with any kind of urethane base coat?

It won’t hurt if you do that. It’s pretty much the same stuff but just different brands. However, I still recommend going with the same brand such as using a PPG Basecoat and a PPG reducer. 

Question: What is the best way to spray grey metallic base coat? Should I use 2.0 tip for fenders, hood, 2 doors are off the vehicle?

A 2.0 tip size is way too big and it’s recommended for primers. Use a 1.3 or 1.4 tip size for any basecoat including metallics.

However, I’d recommend do crisscross spraying when doing metallics (like a drop coat). Increase your pressure a little bit and pull back to around 12 inches then go over your panel. Make sure your metallic is even. 

The basecoat stage is where you can play with your paint. Make sure that it’s laying down, the color is matching and that it looks good because you’re sealing down your paint job once you’ve put your clear coat. 

Question: The more I look at the Model A, the worse it looks. Runs and stuff everywhere. Is the “color sand and buff” video the best to watch to fix this?

Because you have a couple of coats of enamel on it, you may just want to re-sand and paint pieces. Work on your run spots.

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Question: ​Sprayed my clear apparently had moisture in my hose or spray gun. The clear has some heavy pitting. Any help would be appreciated. 

To put it simply, If you can’t color sand and buff it out, you need to repaint it. You’re good if you can cut through the imperfection and buff it out. If not, you may need to base and clear coat it again. 

Question: Do you do paint in the mornings or afternoon or does it matter? 

If you know that it’s going to be a nice cool day, then you can do it in the morning. However, if it’s really cold you may want to wait until it warms up and do it in the afternoon. It all depends on the temperature. Also, painting at night is good but you need to be cautious of bugs getting on your paint job. 

I talk more about this on my blog here: The Ideal Temperature To Paint A Car: Auto Body Q&A 🌤️

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