Basecoat Clearcoat: HOW MUCH PAINT YOU NEED To Paint Your Car! ✅

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Complete Paint Job (Non-color Change)

Considering that you have 25% bodywork and primer spots across body panels…

Mazda CX5
complete paint job and primer spots

When painting the same color base, you don’t need a lot of paint. Keep in mind basecoat material volume will double when mixed.

Medium Sized Sedan

Complete medium size sedan (Toyota Camry) car with 25% primer covered. You’ll need about 2 quarts of basecoat. That will give you a gallon of sprayable material! And you should have leftovers!

Overall, when doing a full respray same color, you’ll never need a gallon of basecoat. Small Miata (1 quart base = 1/2 gallon sprayable). Large Ford F150 (3 quarts of base = 1.5 gallons sprayable). You should have leftover!

Base coat spraying technique

Basecoat spray technique: Spray primed areas first (get it fully covered) then dust entire car 1-2 times. Proceed to spray 2-3x coats of clearcoat.

Once you see that the car is fully covered evenly, you can proceed with spraying your clearcoat.

Lighting is very important when spraying base. You need to make sure you covered your primed areas before spraying clearcoat. If you are thin on base in primed areas and spray clear, you’ll need to do the job over.

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Complete Paint Job (CLEARCOAT)

Normally when doing a full respray, you’d want to make sure that you have at least a 1 gallon kit of clearcoat!

Deltron Clearcoat

Clearcoat prices range from $100 – $350 for a
1 gallon kit.

How much should you have for a full respray?

A 1 Gallon Kit.

How much will you use?

Anywhere from 3 – 4 quarts of sprayable clearcoat.

A 1 gallon kit MIXED will give you 5-6 quarts of sprayable on average.

NEVER mix all of your clear coat at once, you may not need it!

Basic Clearcoat Mixing Ratios

Mixing Clearcoat; Clearcoat Products

1 Gallon Kit – 4:1 = 4 parts clear and 1 part hardener

2:1 = 2 parts clear and 1 part hardener

2:1:1 = 2 parts clear 1 part hardener and 1 part reducer.

*Reducers and Hardener info*

👉 Fast: Touch up jobs. Single fenders, bumper cover, door and small blend jobs

👉 Medium: For complete paint jobs in 70 – 88 degrease

👉 Slow: For complete paint jobs in hotter temperatures 90 + when you need time for flowout

Complete Paint Job Color Change

Basecoat Amount Needed

Medium sized sedan

When completely changing the color you need to consider if you’re also painting the door, hood and trunk jambs. This will usually take an additional quart or two of sprayable basecoat.

Keep in mind basecoat material volume will double when mixed.

Complete medium size sedan (Toyota Camry) car with up to 80% primer covered. You’ll need about 3 quarts of basecoat. That will give you a 1.5 gallons of sprayable material! This should be enough for any small to medium size car.

Small Miata (2-3 quarts base = 1-1.5 gallon sprayable). Large Ford F150 or Family Van (1 gallon of base = 2 gallons sprayable). This should be sufficient. If you want to play it extra safe, then get an extra quart of basecoat.

Primer/Sealer Talk

👉 Does the car need to be primed one color?

👉 Can I paint black basecoat over my red car without primer?

👉 Can I paint over sanded clearcoat?

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  1. Tony, I’ve used one brand of epoxy primer (Eastwood) over a different brand of sprayable primer. I’ve already purchased a poly-primer (Eastwood) which I plan to spray and do my final blocking. The issue I have is they don’t have or can mix the color I want so I’ll have to switch brands to get the color I want. Should I use a sealer from the new brand of color/clear coat before spraying color?

  2. I want to paint a 328i (small car) in a colorshift/chameleon paint. It sounds like I need to paint the car black first. However, the black is not the principle color, it’s just a base that the colorshift sits over. After that, I’m told that the colorshift pigment is added to clear, and that becomes your basecoats. I’m not sure if that means there are clear basecoats as opposed to clear clearcoat that usually sits on top of the basecoat. If you have any knowledge about that please share. But main question is how much black should be enough given that it’s not the main basecoat?


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