How Many Coats Of Clear Coat To Put On Your Car And Best Way To Do It: Auto Body Q&A 👌

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Hi, it’s Tony B. Richie with another live stream. Today’s highlight question is How Many Coats Of Clear Coat To Put On Your Car And Best Way To Do It.

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Question:  I clear coated my headlights and I see tiny cracks in the clear can I sand with 2500 an compound an polish or leave it?

You might need to re-clear it. Perhaps, the cracks were from the plastic lens itself. Sometimes, when these plastic lenses get old they get cracks and you won’t be able to cure that with clear coating or cutting and buffing. It can be because of the headlight itself.

Clear coat is the one that goes on top of your base coat. On the other hand, you can think of the intercoat as a clear base coat. 

The intercoat goes in between the base coat and clear coat where you can add pearls and flake or even a tint. 3-stage paint systems mean that there’s an intercoat in between.

The DBC-500 is a clear basecoat, which I normally use as an intercoat. You can mix it up like a clear base coat and put pearl or flake in it. Additionally, you can go over your colored base coat to get your desired pearl effect.

It is recommended to do it this way when you want to add some pearls or flake because it gives you more leeway and less chances of a mess up. It’s harder to run a clear coat or sag it because if you do, you’ll end up with a pearl or flake drip.

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Question: How many layers of clear coat can I put on top of the base coat and is there a method for it? 

I would put anywhere from two to three medium to heavy coats. Do not tack the first time. Instead, lay it on medium wet and get it glossy the first coat. Then, let it flash and wait for 10-15 minutes before you lay on the next coat. 

If you want to put additional coats of clear, you need to give it two weeks to let it cure. Then, buff it with 800-grit and then put two more coats of clear so you’ll have a thicker clear coat, especially if you’re doing a candy paint job. 

Swirl marks on your car means that you didn’t buff enough or you didn’t glaze the final polish buff with a foam pad and swirl mark remover.

It means that it needs more compound if you notice that your job is still hazy with swirl marks after buffing it out.

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Question: How do you spray candy if the car is primed? Do I need two different colors?

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Basically, you need to put a base coat then put candy on top of it. If you are a newbie, I’d suggest putting candy close to your base color. 

If you are more experienced, you get more visual appeal if you spray candy over silver. Just be careful with 50/50 overlay.

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