🚘 Can You Sand Out Runs In Basecoat and Respray Days Later?

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Hey, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint with another video for the Q&A series. Here’s a question from Jim. 

“I sprayed some Shopline JB basecoat, brand code is 4979 ultra violet poly. It’s a factory Ford color. I have some sags and a couple of runs and I haven’t cleared it yet. If I sand out the sags and runs, can I spot them in or do I need to sand the whole thing back down ? It’s been a day since I did it.” 

You probably meant to just do touch up with some area, which is yes, you can do that. 

I would also suggest that you cover the whole fender again with a coat of basecoat. Sand it those out with 400-grit. 

Basecoat isn’t made to lay on thick, so if you’re getting sags and runs on basecoat stage, you’re putting it on way too thick. You just lay it on and it will dry with a flat color and you’re all good. 

Again, I would suggest to sand out the run or sag and then re-spray the whole fender again. Then go ahead and lay your clear coat on top of that.

It’s fine if 2-3 days have passed. I recommend sanding the whole area with 400-grit and get it nice and flat. Then, wash the rest of the panel down with 600-grit and coat that whole panel with fresh basecoat. 

Follow it with clear coat 2-3 days after or you can even do a week after. You just need to respray the whole panel, put the coat on the rest of the area and you’re good to go with clear coats.

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