Best Way To Repair Pellet BB Gun Or Hail Dings 👌

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What’s up. Tony again here from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint with another question from Larry.

He just bought a 1998 Chevy 4×4 short bed, he said it had a lot of pellet dings and this is what a pellet ding looks like, check out the video. 

Larry says, “I got a lot of pellet dings, scratches and a couple of good dents. I like to repair these myself and paint my truck. Never really done bodywork that satisfied me, any suggestions?”  

It will be very hard to take out pellet dings using PDR or Paintless Dent Repair because they are so small in diameter and deep. 

Usually with those, you’ll have to get in the back with a dolly, and tap it from the front and tap it from the back as well, to mush it out. 

But then you’ll end up with some eye spots. You will need to do that lightly though.  Then, grind out around here, and you can get it down to metal. You don’t have to get it down to metal as long as you’re using 80-grit. 

Fill it up with some putty then smoothen it out. It’s very tedious but it can be fixed. 

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