Spray Gun Tips For Car Painting: Auto Body Q&A šŸ‘ˆ

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Question: Can I start a mobile paint business in Canada?Ā 

Why not? You can do anything you want if you put your mind into it! I am not aware of your permits and licenses in Canada but generally, you can do achieve anything you set your mind to. Work hard and be persistent until you achieve success! šŸ’Ŗ

Question: Can you use automotive paint in an airbrush system?

Absolutely. You just have to reduce it more if you are doing automotive graphics. I think you just need to reduce it 15% to 20% more, depending on the paint. You need to reduce it because you’re painting out of a smaller tip size. Hence, if you’re paint is too thick it’s going to come out dry.

If you’ll be using a 1.0 tip size or smaller, you’ll need to reduce your base coat a little bit more to get that fine mist, that fine atomization when spraying. Also, make sure to clean out your spray guns every time you use them.

Check out a blog where I show you the correct way to clean your Atom Spray Gun. Head on over to this link here:

Cleaning A Spray Gun: Parts You Should NOT Remove: Auto Body & Paint Q&A šŸ§½

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Atom X27 LVLP Spray Gun
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Atom X20 LVLP

Question: what air compressor do you have there? Iā€™m thinking about running a much larger one like yours, but I think I need 220 power.

Yes, you definitely need 220 power. We’ll be documenting the whole thing tomorrow when the electrician comes, so if you have technical questions, please let me know now so I can ask the electrician tomorrow.

Here’s what I have. I got the Kobalt which runs on 220-plug with 70 amps. It’s a single phase which means it could plug right into your dryer outlet. I also have a 60-gallon Kobalt two-stage which is enough volume to paint a whole car without running out of air.

When you’re painting an entire car, you need to have the volume. You need to have compressed air so you don’t run out by the time it kicks on again, so you don’t get that big fluctuations in your air line when you’re spraying.

I discuss more of it in a separate blog here: Explaining Air Compressors for Car Painting: Auto Body Q&A šŸ§

I’ll also be discussing how to hook your air filter and where to set your gauge at. I’ll be showing you how to set everything up so stay tuned!

Question: They said I need 1.8 mm for primer /1.4 mm for Basecoat and 1.2mm for clear?

I wonder who you’re referring to? The best resource is the articles on Zoolaa. Read more here: Paint Gun Articles and Videos

You can use a 1.3 or 1.4 for base coat and clear coat. I never use a 1.2 as it is a little too small, especially for clear coat. I personally prefer the 1.4 tip size because I can lay it on and it’s not an overkill.

On the other hand, you are correct with the 1.8 or a 2.0 tip size. They are great for primers.

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Lighting is important when doing your car painting projects. You need to have a clear picture of the condition of the paintwork and the blemishes that need to be addressed. You don’t want to spend too much time polishing your paintwork, only to find out and see spider web-like swirls when you take it into the bright sunlight, do you? šŸ˜°

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Question: Does a 30-gallon compressor make more sense over a 26-gallon, even though the 30-gallon has slightly worse cfm?

It’s a tough call because if your 26 has higher CFM, then that might be better. It might be the better choice as it has the motor that pumps out more volume. However, I suggest you do a list of pros and cons. I would do a comparison on both, but at this point, it’s very difficult to make a decision as I don’t have all the details for both.

Question: I polished through my clear coat, until now, I have black streaks. I wish to repaint but do I need to sand off all the clear?

You don’t need to sand off all of the clear coat, you just need to cut through the polish. Make sure you degrease the area before you start sanding. I’d wash it with dish soap since it takes off the grease.

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