Ford Model A Single-Stage Before & After Paint Job (LABAP VIP Member) Plus Buffing Out Runs Tip! 😊

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Classic car restoration Ford Model A

After Paint Job

Ford Model A Custom Paint Project


First email:

Hey Tony,

A prior owner was trying to turn it into a Roadster, thus cut the doors off above the windows, cut the B pillar off and removed all the top wood.  I decided to bring it back to the Sport Coupe it was originally.

After getting quotes of $10,000 to $15,000 to do the body work and paint it, my next decision was to do it myself. Luckily, I found your site and immediately became a Learn Auto Body & Paint VIP member.

I used the AtomX20 with a 2.0 tip for the primer coat and will change to the 1.3 or 1.4 tip for the color.

Thanks and Hi to the family!

Jack C

Second email:

Hi Tony,

I know you are very busy, but took a couple pictures of the car. Two of them show SOME of the runs, as you can see they are long runs.

Also found out my buffer has 3/8 internal threads and a screw holding the backing plate on. I cannot find an adapter to work with all the 5/8 internal thread hook and loop backing pads.

I have a Rupes d/a buffer, variable speed … do you think that would work? I hate to buy another buffer just for this project (so far).

Thanks, and I hope all is well in Japan,


Jack sanded off a cheap 1k rattle can primer

cheap 1K rattle can primer
sanding with cheap 1k rattle can primer

Sprayed the Feather Fill G2 Primer

Feather Fill G2 Primer Spraying

Primed and filled with Feather Fill G2 Polyester Primer

Atom X20 and GunBudd
Classic Ford Model A Custom Paint Single Stage Project

Used a 2.0 tip on a ATOM X20 Spray Gun

Door and rear trunk section

Door painting
Rear trunk painting

Door jambs

Custom classic project
Door jambs paint job

Rear quarter and door jamb

Rear quarter paint job
Custom Paint Project

Jack, his ATOM X20 Spray Gun and the GunBudd lighting system!

Atom X20 Spray Gun with GunBudd
2.0 Tip on his Atom X20 Spray Gun

Ford Model A Custom Painting

Pictures of his paint job

Classic Ford Model A
Ford Model A
Ford Model A single stage painting
Runs on single stage

The runs

Buffing steps to take

Let the paint cure for at least 2 weeks. The longer the better.

Block sand runs with a block. Take your time and frequently wipe dry and see how much you re-cutting.

Start with 800 if you want to get aggressive with the runs, move to 1200, 1500, then on to 2000 and finally 3000 grit sand paper.

Use a rotary variable speed buffer with the yellow wool pad, then a foam pad with a glaze polish swirl mark remover. 3M Perfect-it is a good system.

Buffing out runs

NEW GunBudd® Universal Spray Gun Ultra Lighting System

GunBudd Ultra Lighting System
Atom X88 Infinity Spray Gun

Atom X Series Spray Guns

Atom X27 Spray Gun on Zoolaa
Atom X20 Spray Gun on Zoolaa
Atom X9 Spray Gun on Zoolaa

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  1. Way better than my first paint job back in the early 80’s. Like Tony said, you are just not done yet. That should come out better than the hand print my young son put on my freshly enamel painted quarter panel;). keep up the good work.


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