Explaining Painting Candy Over Silver: Auto Body Q&A 🍬

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Question: Do you color sand and buff door jams?

Normally, no since there are so many curves and weird spots. You can leave the door jambs as is. Unless you have a run on a flat section near the door jamb that you can sand out and get to with a buffer. 

Question: Been on a huge boat project my ‘85 Checkmate known for huge metal flake and what not. What do you think is best for marine use paint? Epoxy?

You can go with epoxy for any fibreglass type of work. Then either seal it with a 2K sealer primer or just put base coat clear coat on top of it.

Normally, your boat is gel-coated so as long as that is done correctly, you don’t need to worry about flex with your regular painting.

You can add a little cayenne pepper or even liquid cayenne hot sauce in your paint to stop any type of growth like algae at the bottom of your boat. 

Question: I sanded my Prelude down to bare metal and there was a small hole (smaller than a dime) in the hood! Could that have come from the Honda factory like that?

If it’s an aluminium hood, you can patch it up with fibreglass from the backside and lay some kitty hair to fill that hole. Do some bodywork, put some polyester glaze putty, prime it and have it ready for paint. 

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Also, I get a lot of questions about painting candy and flake. If you want to have the full effect of candy, I’d strongly recommend that you paint over silver. I also mentioned this in the LearnAutoBodyAndPaint VIP Program on the lawnmower project. 

On the other hand, if you paint over black, you won’t see anything. If you paint over the same color, you will see the effect but the color will be darker. If you want a brilliant candy effect, go over a dark or bright silver. A darker silver will give you a dark effect.

Question: I keep sanding through my primer on edges (body lines) of panels. I lay my 2k on thick too which is not a huge deal. I touch it up with 1k filler primer. Any tips?

You can touch it up with 1K if you have a very little metal showing, but you need to sand it very lightly and don’t wax and grease remove it because it will melt your 1K primer. You can even use Spray Max however the product is a little expensive. 

Check out my Spray Max Review here: Spray Max Primer Review & Auto Body Q&A

Tony with Spray Max

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