How To Get Best Results When Doing Candy Paint: Auto Body Q&A 🍬

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Tony B. Richie is back with another auto body question. Today’s highlight question is, “How To Get Best Results When Doing Candy Paint.”

Question: ​Is a high build sandable primer good enough to fill a deep scratch? I’m planning to scuff and paint my ‘83 Mustang.

If it’s a key scratch on a door, you need to feather it out with a 320 to 380-grit on a DA. Go back and forth within that area to take it out. Then, prime and block it. 

Alternatively, you can scuff and prime it. If you still see a little gouge, you can add glaze in it. There are different ways to do it but what I mentioned is how I would tackle it. 

Question: What is the advantage of sanding with soapy water? 

At times, I would re-use the water I used to wash my car to sand. I won’t go out of my way to add soap, though it doesn’t make a huge difference if you wet sand with soapy water. However, you can opt to do it with dishwashing soap and not soap with wax. 

Question: What´s the best result with candy? Using directly transparent+candy+reducer or carrier+candy+reducer and then transparent+hardener+reducer?

The best result in terms of paint brilliance is painting over a silver base coat. However, for newbies, it is recommended to paint over a similar base color as your candy.

Then, put your candy top coat on it, let it flash and finally your clear coat on top.

Feedback from Arnold: Thank you so much for the Atom Mini X16 Spray Gun. It’s awesome. I’m happy with the results of the motorcycle pieces. 

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Question: Can adhesive promoter be used if the basecoat had to sit overnight or a day or so? Would it still need sanding or just spray it?

I will not put any adhesive promoter on base. You can let your base coat sit for a day and it would still be fine to clear coat over it. 

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