💁‍♂️ Custom Candy Paint – HOK Burple Kandy Over Purple and Silver Basecoat 🍬🚗

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Hey, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint with another video. Today’s topic is all about Custom Candy Paint.

I get this question a lot: What is the best way to spray candy colors?

If you’re a beginner, I would recommend spraying candy with a similar color base. This is a normal purple basecoat. The left side is where we did candy purple on top of the basecoat.

This is just a quick project to show you what candy looks like over purple. Check out the video as I show you the difference. It’s actually called Burple since it’s a House of Kolor Candy.

Be careful what kind of paper you use especially when you are using it with Candy. Here, you can see that it bled through the paper and was stuck in this area.

This usually doesn’t happen with clear coat but since we’re doing working with candy, it bled right through it.

Same thing when doing red candy, I would recommend using it with red basecoat, so if you’re just starting out. This is what I recommend.

Then, you can go on with using silver base coat. Here is a lighter colored purple because we did the candy over silver basecoat. The gloss is nice enough so we don’t need to buff it. This is one of the tank lamp projects I just did.

Now this is another tank project and it’s all black. I just molded this thing here and put a washer. I’m making them for family members.

I don’t think I will sell them because I put a lot of heart into these things.

This tank lamp is candy lime over silver basecoat. I also played around with a fade here then did a tire graphic on the top. It’s pretty cool.

And, this one here is oriental blue which my daughter likes. There are gas cap scratches here. This is a tricky one because I soaked it up so much so you’ll see some runs beneath. I will show you how to take out these runs.

Some people are afraid to get these runs but it happens sometimes because you when you’re flowing your clear coat on. I’ll show you how to sand them out in a separate video. .

Check out these tanks under the sun. I put in some micro sequence flakes from X Finishes which is available on Zoolaa. I think candy is much better if you put flake in it. These tanks look pretty cool, don’t you think?

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