Auto Body – Flake and Candy Paint Project and DIY Q&A

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Hey, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. Today’s topic is Auto Body – Flake and Candy Paint Project and DIY Q&A.

I’m getting tired of the yellow color of this bike so I will be repainting it. I painted this in 2015, signed my name and cleared over it. I have a whole bunch of candy colors and metal flake, so I will be doing a metal flake and candy craze. That’s the cool thing. If you have this skill set, you can change your projects every once in a while.

My wife bought me a brand new lawn mower. I took it apart, as you can see, the two pieces here. We are going to paint it with my Spraymax Primer Filler.

There was one dent here that I fixed. I recorded it on video but I didn’t like how it came out so I haven’t released it yet.

I documented where you will grind, put the filler, where to sand and lay filler so it sticks. Lastly, I also show you where to feather it out. I will have a better video for you soon.

We are going to prime up this piece and paint with the same color, so the entire shroud will be of the same color. Put some candy, metal flake and graphics to make it look different.

The same thing with this other piece. We’ll tape up the grip pad, middle section and the things on the side. We are going to sand it down first, flake it out then do it.

I might just also do the tank. It was hit with the handle bars as you can see on the video. We’ll weld some pins and pop them all out, do the bodywork and sand all these down.

I don’t know if I can save the graphics since I kinda like it. I’ll see what I can do.

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I also have the 3M Accuspray which we’ll be doing some reviews as well. We also have the PPS system which will be the exact system that fits on the kits that will be available for you at a better value.

When spraying metallic, you want to raise your pressure and use an HVLP Spray Gun. You need to spray at 27-28 PSI at your gun gauge, trigger pulled. I’m holding the Atom X27 Spray Gun, check it out. You need to crisscross your pattern.

If you want awesome spray guns at a fraction of the cost of the popular spray guns out there, check out the Atom Spray Guns on Zoolaa. These guns are the only ones I spray with here at the shop and I am super contented with them.

I am really excited about all the things that are lined up. Let’s go ahead with Q&A.

Question: Is 50 liters of tank compressor enough to spray a car with candy possible? [9:50]

I don’t think so. 50 gallon is a small air compressor. You will not have enough air volume, especially to do candy.

You might be able to squeeze a car if you play catch up with base coat clear coat. But with enamel, forget about it.

In enamel, you need to keep going. On the other hand, for base coat, you can slow down, stop and base another panel.

You need at least 60 gallon tank to paint a complete car and an 80-gallon tank is more than enough. Here’s my 5HP BelAire System. It puts out close to 60 cfm at 90 lbs. It’s plenty of volume.

Thanks everyone for joining me today. I am so looking forward to all the things that are in the pipeline for all of you. I really appreciate your support!

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