Better Than 3M PPS Cup System?

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Hey, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. Today, I want to the audience to help me with a big decision. Our topic today is, “Better Than 3M PPS Cup System?”

We are setting up a new system here. This will be cheaper than the 3M PPS System, which is very expensive.

I will be needing some of your inputs because I am trying to create a package which will soon be available on Zoolaa.

I will quickly go over what I have here. This is a brand new alternate PPS Cup System. It is a clip-on style which I am testing out. I also have the DeKups System, but it is too big and I don’t like it at all.

Let’s take a look at this. We have the 125 or 200 micron filter. They say if you are shooting with waterborne, you need to use a 125 micron, while solvent-based paints use the 200 micron because the paint is thinner. However, I think that 125 micron is good and way more than you need. Check out the video as I do a short demo on how to pop it in.

I’ve been testing it for leaks and so far, I didn’t see any. However, I suggested that the manufacturers should put in four clips and not just two, just to be sure.

Continue watching the video.

I think these will break over time, and the whole system is disposable. But, these will last for quite a long time.

I am in the process of testing everything out. I used to have problems with leakage with the DeKups System. So far, I didn’t have any with these new system. What I also do is wrap a little Teflon tape to prevent leakage, before you pop it in the adapter.

The last thing you really want is a paint drop on your paint job. A drop of clear coat is not bad, but base coats will give you an issue. You will need to dry sand and re-base it.

Here’s the question. If I were to put a package together, what cup size do you prefer? We have the standard size, which is 600 ml or a little over 20 oz. We also have the 800ml or 27 oz, then we also have the 350 ml or 11.83 oz. Lastly, we have the 160 ml or 5.4 oz. Let me show you these on the Atom Mini X16 Spray Gun.

It replaces the 120 ml or 4 oz standard cup which comes with the Atom Mini X16 Spray Gun. If you replace it with this cup system, it gives you a little more with a nice size.

The cool thing here is you can pop it off and replace it with another cup system.

I am working out a package with the manufacturer so I can offer you an affordable system which will be available on Zoolaa. I agree, these systems are freaking expensive! So we will have one affordable for the auto body community soon!

Let’s take a vote! What size do you prefer? The 800ml, 600ml, 350ml or 160ml. It seems you like the big momma? Will you be interested in getting the entire package? Like different sizes in one pack?

I really appreciate all your inputs. It really helps me a lot to decide and work on a package with the manufacturer.

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3 thoughts on “Better Than 3M PPS Cup System?”

  1. Tony thanks for all you have done I’m definitely interested in the cup system I’m currently using warwick paint guns and devilbiss I assume that the plastic adapter will work on either gun where do I make this purchase thanks.


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