What PSI To Spray With? How To Fix Tiger Stripes And More!

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Hey, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. Today’s topic is What PSI To Spray With? How To Fix Tiger Stripes And More!

I’m back in the shop! Check this out. I took out the engine and power washed the entire thing. We’re just going to paint it and do the front suspension. Then, drop our brand new crate engine in it.

I’ll be going out to next week to buy some materials like new base coat and some silver. I’ll be doing some demos on candy color, so watch out for it soon!

I recently did the door, which I documented and recently uploaded so for those who haven’t seen it, go check it out.

I have all of the parts here – the 350 crate, brand new radiator, water pump and everything for my ’67 Chevelle build. You see here the old parts. I want the engine in within the next couple of weeks and want it finished before it starts getting cold in about two months, or within 8 weeks.

Question: I want to paint but I don’t have a garage. Is car port or outdoor tent okay? [4:04]

Yes, absolutely! Make sure that you hose the area off and basically close in with a tarp as much as you can. You can have a fan blowing out to give yourself some ventilation.

A lot of you want to know the color code of the purple door. It’s Restoration Shop Firemist Purple UB-2920. I paid around $30 for a quart.

Question: If you sand a single stage paint, can you base and clear over it? [5:23]

Yes you can. Make sure that it’s sanded really smooth then you can spray base right on top of single stage without any problems. You can prime it first, but you don’t have to.

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If you have a big rust, you can grind it down and use vinegar and water with a 50:50 mixture. You can even use naval jelly to kill the rust.

Then, you cut it out or spot weld over it with sheet metal then patch it up. Weld it in, put your filler on top of it, straighten it out and you’re all good.

Question: How do you paint under the hood removing all the lines and electrical? [8:06]

You can mask it up, but if you want to do an excellent job, I suggest that you take the hood and all the electrical off then do it. You can keep the hood on it but you need to make sure that you mask the car really well. Otherwise, you’re going to get overspray all over everything.

Question: Do you give an example on how to blend? [11:10]

I have a ton of videos under blogs on my website. Check them out. I also have step by step videos in VIP that I’m sure you’ll love.

Question: How do you get clear coat to have a flatter satin look? [11:30]

There is a clear coat additive or flattening agent that you can buy to flatten your clear coat. Just look up clear coat flattening agents.

A couple of years ago, I used a flattening agent on a black car with a satin just like that, but I haven’t really used it recently.

Question: I know you say that 400-grit is a perfect grit to paint over. But then, I heard you say in a different video to final sand with 600-800 grit. I am confused, what should I use? [12:46]

No, I always say 400-grit. It’s actually 400-600 grit. But I never say 800 grit to paint over. I say 1000-grit to re-clear over it but never 800-grit. I don’t even buy 800-grit sand paper.

Question: How high is your air pressure while doing clear coat? [16:38]

I like to spray at about 28-29 PSI on the gun gauge. Not cap pressure and not your compression pressure coming out. I have 85-90 in my line at all times. And then, I cut down at my gun to about 28-29 trigger pulls. That’s where you want to be when you’re spraying clear coat. Then, it’s 26-27 PSI for base coat.

My go to tip size for base coat and clear is 1.4mm, some of you might want the 1.3mm. You need to test it and decide on what you prefer. I just like the way it flows out from the 1.4mm tip size.

If you want great spray guns at a fraction of the cost of those popular brands, head on over to Zoolaa and check out the Atom Spray Guns. These guns are fantastic and that’s what I use now at the shop.

Question: What PSI should I set my gun to paint on primer? [20:33]

It depends on what tip size you are using. For 1.8mm-2.0 tip size, you should be spraying primer at about 22-24 PSI. You spray primer at a little lower pressure. Sometimes at 20-22 PSI even because you want to it to come out thick and heavy and lay on.

It’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. Thanks everyone for joining me today! We are back and will continue on with the live streams, so I will see you all next week!

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