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Hey, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. Thank you for joining me in today’s Learn Auto Body Q&A Session.

I’m holding a thicker flake right here, which is bigger than a micro sequence flake. I always use a 1.6mm to 1.8mm tip size when using this flake. But today, I tested this using a 1.4mm tip size, which I have never done before. It totally worked and came out of a 1.4mm tip size, which is awesome.

It’s the X Finishes Galaxy Rainbow Mini Flake, which I painted over black. Check out the video as I show you a sample of what I did over black and one sample over white.

Which one do you like best? Rainbow over black or over white?

Here’s a little secret. I mixed about a little less than a cup of pure clear then separated it into two cups. First, I put clear in my gun and coated this strictly black, with a heavy coat of clear to give it a cushion.

I let it sit for not even five minutes. I didn’t wait until it got tacky because I want it wet. Then, I put our our X Finishes Galaxy Rainbow Mini Flake clear in my gun and immediately sprayed our X Finishes Galaxy Rainbow Mini Flake on top of it, so it would actually bury and sit inside our cushioned clear coat.

I laid about two to three coats of it which gave me the effect that I wanted. Check out the video as I show you the sample.

Then, I dumped out the remaining clear and gave it another two coats of clear. There’s a little texture to it because it’s a small flake and it’s bigger than Micro Sequence.

I think if I waited another 15 minutes and gave it two more coats of just plain clear, then it would have been awesome. It doesn’t look 100% glass.

We can sand this down with 800-grit and two more coats of clear and it would look like those speed boat jobs.

I did not use the intercoat method. I’ll load the actual process in the LearnAutoBodyAndPaint VIP Program so you can actually see how I did it.

These things are called speed shapes for doing paint samples. I got these because X Finishes gave me all of their flakes so we can do demos on all of them.

Question: How do you know what tip size for what flake? [7:38]

Now we know, these small flakes that are bigger than a micro sequence will come out of a 1.4mm tip size. Any micro sequence flake will come out of a 1.4mm tip size. All pearls can be used on a 1.3mm tip size or a 1.4mm tip size.

When you’re spraying with jumbo flakes, you need to use a 1.6mm tip size to 1.8mm tip size to lay it out.

Just remember, that you need to take out your cup filter from your spray gun. If you want to learn more about DIY auto body work, download your FREE 85-Page Auto Body And Paint Manual. It will give you the overall process of auto body.

Question: What psi to use on a conventional spray gun? [11:49]

It’s usually 25-27 psi for base coat and 27-29 psi for clear coat.

I was teaching my 15-year old neighbor, Carter to do body work the other day. He was very interested so we started doing my mini truck.

He reminds me of myself when I was a kid. He knows how to find dents and do some body work. He’s a really nice kid. You’ll see him in some of my videos soon.

He was doing some body work on the lower part of the truck. I showed him how to block sand. Everything has been pretty much body worked, but we just have to go over it one last time.

The rest of the truck has to be sanded with 320-360-grit, masked up and then painted. I’ll load this Daihatsu Mini Truck Series in the LearnAutoBodyAndPaint VIP Course.

Question: How do you feel about low CFM guns with smaller compressors? [21:15]

I think they’re great. The Atom X Series Spray Guns are more of a low volume low pressure spray gun than HVLP. These are very efficient spray guns and are pretty much the same as the Sata RP Spray Guns.

These spray guns are good for smaller air compressors as well. Check out Zoola to know more about the Atom X Series Spray Guns.

It’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. Thank you everyone for joining me today. Please Like, Share and Subscribe to my videos.

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