5 Ways To Care For Your Mental Health

“Self-care is how you take your power back”

Surviving these difficult times is the new mantra that the world is practicing. As much as we try to show optimism to combat the situation, we can’t help but over analyze, overthink, and feel burned out.

Our mental health is taking a beating

As we should never ignore our mental health – as it is as important as our physical well being, I compiled a shortlist of things that you can do to alleviate mental stress.

  1. Establish a support systemthis is the time to connect with a community that can bring in positivity for you. 

They can be the people you share a common interest with. 

They can also be your friends that you failed to keep in touch because of busy times.

Man doing facetime

Take advantage of this situation to discover or rediscover people that can support you. 

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  1. Meditate You need to take yoga classes to meditate. 

That is a misconception. 

There are a lot of ways you can do to free your mind, attain mindfulness, and be at peace with yourself and your surroundings.

man in protective suit

There are a lot of books and videos that can help you start with the art of meditation. 

Amazon is teeming with amazing books on that subject. 

But if you are not into reading, you can look into this audiobook titled Meditation for Beginners to get started.

Also, you can check out the books of Wayne Dyer. He is an internationally renowned author and speaker in the fields of self-development and spiritual growth

  1. Be GratefulYes, the situation is bad. But taking the time to count your blessings every day will eventually make you realize that there are people who are in a much worse situation than you.

If they can withstand it – then you definitely can!

The fact that you have the resources to read this article means that you have working internet at home or on your phone. Be thankful!

silver heart lock on bridge

Listing things that you are grateful for daily will help your mental well being survive this difficult time, one gratefulness at a time.

  1. Get some sleep – Overthinking and over-analyzing will lead you to restless nights and in this situation, we tend to do just that.

Getting enough sleep, as we all know it is as crucial as eating right in order to maintain an overall healthy well being.  

feline cat stretching while sleeping

If you are having trouble sleeping, try to listen to some calming music, and meditate.

This is a good playlist that you can listen to, that can help you get that much-needed snooze. I hope it helps.

  1. Tone down your news consumption Yes, we need to know what is happening BUT being too updated and in the know, all the time can actually do you more harm than good.

As news is easily accessible with the technology that we now have, you can’t really avoid getting sucked inside that vortex.

man reading news on internet

When you expose yourself to that – you will have no choice but to think about it all the time because that is the only thing that is feeding you.

In no time – it will consume your mind in a stressful way. 

Avoid that from happening. Try to limit your daily exposure to current events.

Allot just 1-2 hours per day for that (if you can).

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