2 Tips To Repair a BLOTCHY Paint Job ✌️

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Silverado Paint Job


Hey Tony,

I recently painted my truck with a base coat clearcoat system. It barely fit in the garage ( with the rear bumper off). To compound that, the lighting in the garage was dim. Although I did have a paint match light.

Once the job was completed (post cut and buff)and I pulled it out in the sun I saw some blotchiness in a few spots at the bottom of the passenger side and the driver front fender.

My question is can I just respray those spots (since I have the exact paint used) or do I need to respray the entire side? I did use a dark 1k sealer and the color code is WA9075.

Silverado Truck
Custom Paint Job

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Tony Bandalos

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  1. Hey Tony Another great an informative video. I posted a question about my paint job on another video that you had posted some time ago. I know you’re very busy and not sure if you even get time to answer every question. So I’d like to try again i did a Candy apple red with a metallic clear (Dupli Color Paints) After laying down the Metallic clear 3 coats the surface wasnt really smooth its not orange peel. Just feel slightly rough Im thinking sanding starting with 1200 1500 and 2000 wet. Is it okay to wet sand a metallic clear ?


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