Can You Spray Directly Over Evercoat Featherfill G2 Polyester Primer? πŸ‘ˆ

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Jacks Ford Model A

Ford Model A


Hey Tony,

A prior owner was trying to turn it into a Roadster, thus cut the doors off above the windows, cut the B pillar off and removed all the top wood.  I decided to bring it back to the Sport Coupe it was originally.

After getting quotes from $10,000 to $15,000 to do the body work and paint it, my next decision was to do it myself. Luckily, I found your site and immediately became a Learn Auto Body & Paint VIP member.

I have sanded the car down to the bare metal in some spots, the black that was on it was difficult to feather, so had to go farther than I thought and wanted.  I did the bodywork a panel at a time working around the car. as I was satisfied with that, (though it is not perfect due to previous bodywork I could not fix) I sprayed rattle can primer on it.

After the car was in primer, I thought I was ready to put a 2K primer on it and proceed to color……wrong!! A person I friended on the VIP site, brought to my attention the possibility the rattle can primer probably would not hold up to the 2K primer on top of it.

So, back to sanding and taking as much of the “bad” primer off, that was shown in the “before” picture I sent.  I masked and sprayed the Featherfill on the rest of the car.  That was the “after” picture.

I saw your suggestion of using Dolphin glaze, and will make that decision after I get this sanded and see what it looks like. I have Speedocote SMR221 2K primer that I was going to put on for that stage. I also have already purchased a single-stage Black paint for the color stage.

I appreciate this opportunity and hope to help someone else, as well as get more help myself.  If there is something else you need from me for what you are doing, let me know. Oh,

I used the AtomX20 with a 2.0 tip for the primer coat and will change to the 1.3 or 1.4 tip for the color.

Thanks and Hi to the family!

Jack C

First Jack sanded off a cheap 1k rattle can primer

Ford Model A sanded before primer
Ford Model A Sanded before primer

Sprayed the Feather Fill G2 Primer

Ford Model A sanded before primer
Primed with Feather Fill G2

Primed and filled with Feather Fill G2 Polyester Primer

Learn Auto Body And Paint VIP Member with Atom X20 Spray Gun

Used a 2.0 tip on an ATOM X20 Spray Gun.

Feather Fill G2

Recommended Spray Guns

Atom x27 LVLP Spray Gun
atom x20 hvlp spray gun
atom x9 spray gun


Do I/ should I spray 2Kprimer after sanding Feather Fill G2 before color?


  • Waterborne VS Solvent Paint
  • It depends on your budget
  • It depends on the quality (subjective)
  • It depends on your time frame

Feather fill G2 Primer

Feather Fill G2 Polyester Filler Primer

Pros – Very thick and can fill over 60 grit sand scratches, even up to 40 grit although I would sand till at least 80 grit if possible.

Cons – Very thick and will dry VERY hard. Not easy to sand and will clog sandpaper fast. Recommended cutting with a 150-180 grit paper. Finish with 400 wet or dry if you plan to paint directly over it.

Pricing: $70 – $80 a gallon. It depends on where you purchase from.

*Must use at least a 2.0 tip on your spray gun to spray out this thick type filler.

evercoat feather Fill g2

Feather Fill G2 Polyester Filler Primer

Great for classic builds or major body filler work that needs a thick filler foundation to fill and get a straight body.

Can you go without it?

Yes, you can if you prep and do bodywork close enough to where you only need a basic 2k filler primer/sealer. Advantage, Speedocote, PPG.

Feather fill is meant to spray over a lot of body filler work that is cut and shaped with 60-80 grit.

Can you spray over an epoxy primer? YES but the epoxy should be cured and dry at least 10 days in hot weather or up to three weeks if cool. Same with a 2k filler/sealer primer.

Feather Fill G2 Polyester Filler Primer

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