💁‍♂️ Dry and Wet Sanding Tips: Auto Body Q&A

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Hi, It’s Tony B. Richie with another auto body live session which highlights the  Dry and Wet Sanding Tips. 

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Let’s get started with the auto body Q&A.

Question: What is all the product you need to paint car parts?

I believe you have the idea as you’ve mentioned primer, paint and clear coat. You also need body filler and some epoxy if you’re filling cracks. And you’ll also need different grits of sandpaper. 

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Question: What are the steps for painting a bare metal panel? When do I use dry and wet sanding?

These are very good questions. If you have a lot of bare metal, you’ll need an epoxy primer. Then, get it roughed up and sand it down with 320-grit. Then, put a 2K filler primer on top of it. 

I mainly use dry sanding with cutting filler or epoxy. You should not wet sand that stuff, especially if you’re shaping.

You need to dry sand when you’re doing a lot of hardcore body shaping and cutting down. On the other hand, wet sanding is more for prepping for paint in the final stages.

Some people like to dry sand all the way down to the final stages but I don’t since dry sanding cakes up your sandpaper really quickly so you go through more sandpaper plus it’s very dusty and dirty. 

I prefer to finish off my paint job with wet sanding by hand because I think you get a cleaner cut and better prep.

I also like to cheat when cutting clear coat for refinishing and buffing so I won’t get too tired, and just block it the entire thing by hand. However, I recommend using a DA or orbital sander to speed up the process and just be careful that you don’t cut through.

Question: What is the difference between body filler and polyester putty?

Body filler is Bondo which is your filler that fills up bigger dents and panel gouges. It’s the thicker body filler.

On the other hand, polyester putty or glaze putty is what you put on the final stages such as Dolphin glaze.

Question: Should I use a 2K or epoxy primer on new panels with an e-coat? Never used new panels before.

I’d recommend sanding your e-coat down with 320 to 360-grit. You don’t need to spray epoxy primer and don’t go down to metal but just put 2K over your e-coat. However, you can paint over e-coat and you can go ahead and put a 2K primer on it.

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