FREE Auto Body Repair Tips – Auto Body Tools – DA Sanders, In Line Sander – How To Sand a Car

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In this post, let’s talk about the most common auto body and paint tools you’ll need to get started in the game.

First off, we have the Dual Action orbital sander which is commonly known as the DA. This sander is a pneumatic (air sander) which means you’ll be needing an air compressor to power this thing up. A small compressor with at least a 10 Gal tank is needed to run this machine. Using a 30-60 Gal tank with a 2-5 HP motor is recommended.

You don’t need much air pressure to run this thing… about 7SCFM @ 90 psi. If you want to learn more about (SCFM and PSI) Click Here!

Then you have the straight sander, in the video above you’ll see the (Hutchins Hustler) brand that I personally use. These sanders are excellent for cutting your sanding time of flat surfaces like doors, flat q-panels, and roofs etc.

Hand sanders are another necessity when playing around with body work. The most popular is the little ole block sander.

Hutchins Straight Sanders
Block Sanders

All you do is put on your sand paper of choice and sand away! Of course, your sand paper grit type will depend on what stage you are with your shaping and what you’re trying to accomplish.

Don’t worry, we cover all of these strategies plus more within our VIP community so you’ll know exactly  what to do next on your special project.

We just covered the basic auto body and paint sanding tools. We hope you enjoyed and learned something today. Learning a little every day equals learning a lot over the months. It’s fun and an awesome skill once you grab the concept and start doing it.

learn auto body vip course

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8 thoughts on “FREE Auto Body Repair Tips – Auto Body Tools – DA Sanders, In Line Sander – How To Sand a Car”

  1. I am trying to take the sealer coat off of my car without damaging the original paint too much, Is this possible or do I need to take all of the paint off of the car and start over. This is a 1996 Honda Accord EX 2 door coupe, dark green paint.
    Thank you Darlene

    • HI, sealer coat? I’m assuming you’re talking about the clear coat? It depends on what you’re doing. Why take it off, for re clearing, buffing to get a better gloss? If you’re re clearing your paint you might as well spray new base coat on it too. I mean, your going through the same time and work process, why not put new paint on it too…

  2. I have a 94 GMC 1500 extended cab. It is a green and silver two tone. I recently just got a cab swap done on it and the cab that was put on is solid green. what im trying to do is put the silver on the cab running in the middle so the cab will be back to two tone like the rest of the truck. What kind of sanding material would you suggest getting from experience. So that I dont go out and get everything that I dont need. Thank you JJ.

  3. Hey Tony, Im wanting to start sanding my 57 plymouth. It has surface rust that isnt too deep and no paint. where do i start?

  4. tony if i sand back to base coat can i go to just a sealer then paint base coat then clear coat and if i can do this what sand paper grit would i use

  5. Hi Tony
    I have a 2013 Impala that was painted about 2 years ago now the top is turning white and very dull I can also see spots starting to appear on hood also. At this point I don’t thank I have the knowledge to begin a project of this magnitude any help would be great


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