Blending Automotive Paint Correctly: Auto Body Q&A 🚗

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I’m back with another auto body session. Today’s live is entitled, Blending Automotive Paint Correctly: Auto Body Q&A.

I hope all is well and thanks for taking the time to join me today. Let’s not waste a lot of time, so we’ll go ahead with your auto body questions!

Question: Looking for a good color coat (gold) for wheels. Any recommendations?

I suggest looking into the 2005-2010 version of the Mini Cooper Gold. I painted a few cars with that color including my ‘67 Chevelle. In this specific project, it was a two-tone gold and royal blue. 

I fell in love with that color since it’s not too shiny and not too dark and painted a lot of stuff using this color throughout the years.

Question: How long can interclear sit? Will a few days be okay? 

An intercoat clear is not a clear coat but a clear base coat. You have about a 24-hour window for it. However, if you let it sit for more than a day, I would scuff it up with 800-1000 grit and put in some new intercoat base followed by a clear coat. 

I don’t recommend letting it sit for days. If you’ll do your intercoat, get prepared to do your clear coat. You need to finish the job. 

However, if you’re doing a small project like a tank, that’s fine but not when you’re doing an entire car. 

Question: I have a quincy 60 gallon 5HP compressor. I’m Using a Devilbiss starter kit, and a 1.8 gun for epoxy primer. What should be my PSI from the compressor and what should the regulator at the gun read while spraying?

When using a 1.8 spray gun, you should have 75-80 lbs of pressure in your line going to your regulator. Air coming out should be about 75-85 lbs of pressure. Since you’ll have about 30 feet of airline which will bring that down. 

You’ll be using 22-25 psi with the trigger pulled if you’re using a 1.8 spray gun. I recommend that you play with it first and see how it’s spraying out. You need to make sure that you’re getting a nice wet coat. 

There are different ways to blend paint. You don’t need to reduce it down when blending the base coat, and maintain the regular 1:1 mixture.

On the other hand, blending clear coats is different. Your wet clear coat blends into your dry clear coat which is sanded then, you need to buff it out.

It is recommended to do blending on the narrowest part of your panel such as the quarter panel going to the roof. 

Blending has a lot to do with tricking the eye. You need to do it where you won’t notice it. 

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I recently met up with my Japanese friend who does auto body here in Japan. We’re going to do some collaboration projects which I’m looking forward to. We’ll also have content from a Japanese expert, so we’ll be learning from each other. I hope you’re as excited as I am. 

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Question: After finishing metalwork with a 60-grit disc, what sanding graduations do you use until epoxy prime?

I recommend to go at least 150-grit to 220-grit, then put a 2K filler primer or thick epoxy primer to fill up imperfections. 

Alternatively, you can use a dolphin glaze which is a 2-part polyester putty. Then, make sure that it’s all flat with 400-grit. After which, you’ll be ready for paint. 

It’s Tony B. Richie. Thanks for joining me today. I hope you enjoyed today’s session entitled Blending Automotive Paint Correctly: Auto Body Q&A. 

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