🚙 How To Blend Car Paint Jobs

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What’s up! Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint with another question sent to me by a subscriber.

“How can I blend paint together to have a uniform transition? When I do it it always ends up showing a line or orange peel. Do I add more reducer for the blend area? Where do I stop sanding in order for the paint to stick in the area, and/or what should I sand it with?

Is a perfect blend even possible? I usually blend rusted areas since they are lower panels being blended upward. Here’s an example of my work. You can see where I tried to blend it into the rest of the panel as I sprayed upward. I use Nason Paint and reducer from my local Oreileys”

I highly recommend you use the same brand as Nason if you’ve started using Nason paint. And, I noticed some sand marks and overspray in the panels and fender. I’d suggest that you sand the whole panel down, where you will do your base coat, with 400 to 600-grit.

It would be best to paint it entirely rather than do a blend, if you are going to do a big section. You can do blending in small areas like a part of your car door. Additionally, it will be easy if you cut a line where you will do your paint. 

Another example is if you’re door bottom panel is rusted out, we can patch it and put a piece of metal in it. Then, do body filler, shape the area and put a 2k primer on it, so it will be ready for paint. 

You may want to start sanding the bottom portion with 400-grit and it’s ready to roll for new base coat. 

On the section where you’re drawing the line, put masking tape which is rolled upward and mask up the rest of the section. 

Then, you can start spraying and blending into the rolled tape. Take it off on the clear coat stage. Add more reducer about 10 to 15 percent and blend it, buff it out and sand again with 2000-grit. 

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