Explaining Air Compressors and Spray Guns: Auto Body Q&A 👍

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Tony B. Richie is back at the Paradice Garage Explaining Air Compressors and Spray Guns! 🙌 Join his auto body Q&A session and get great information to help you with your own custom paint projects!

Question: I’m about to go paint a spor I fixed on my mom’s door. Will I be ok to clear without melting? would I be able to just wet sand and buff it tomorrow?

You can most likely color sand and buff it the day after. However, I’d recommend that you wait 48 hours before you do so.

If you’re going to clear the whole thing, you need to scuff the whole panel down with 800-grit. You can do your blend, base it and clear coat the entire door. You need to make sure that you scuff out the entire clear coat on that panel.

Question: What type of spray gun should I buy? 

Before I suggest a spray gun to use, we need to know the size of your air compressor. If you’re working with a small air compressor, you’ll need an LVLP Spray Gun because it will eat up a little less volume and air than an HVLP.

Atom X27 LVLP Spray Gun

I’d recommend checking out the Atom X27 LVLP Spray Gun which is really nice for laying down clear coats, base coat and candy. Grab this Atom Spray Gun on Zoolaa. You’ll get a FREE GunBudd Ultra Lighting System for every Atom Spray Gun purchase. What are you waiting for? 😉👉

If you’re using a primer on it, I’d recommend the 1.4 tip size and reduce it down 10% to thin it out and flow out of the 1.4mm tip size.

Question: When adding reducer to clear 2:1 what does 10% equal in the mixing cup?

If you have 10 ounces of clear already mixed, 10% is just adding another ounce to that.

However, I personally would do maybe half an ounce since a reducer goes a long way. You can put a little bit and mix it up and see how it looks straining out on your stick.

Question: I just sprayed my second base coat. do I sand at all on top of the base coat?

No, I don’t recommend that. Only sand if it looks rough and it has dust or lint in it. It is not necessary to sand. However, I would recommend that you at least tack it down. Make sure it is dry, so you need to wait for about 30-40 minutes.

Question: On the edge of the door, if paint knocked off, how is the best way to repair it? The color is black and it looks like it was skimmed with body filler.

That would be a hard question to answer without looking at it, without any pictures. I’m just visualizing a chip on the door edge so if that’s just the case, I’d get a little touch-up brush, wet it with your paint and just dab it.

Thanks for joining me today and I hope you enjoyed today’s session Explaining Air Compressors and Spray Guns. Next week, let’s talk about the project that I have in the pipeline. The Honda Grom is the first project that I’ll be doing in the Paradice Garage and I can’t wait to discuss it with everyone! Let’s talk about what color candy I should do since I have three color candies that you can choose from, and let’s talk more about what I have planned for it. 😎

I want to do some graphics and maybe I’ll do the rims and go all out. We’ll do some flake, candy and do a multi-tone. I might also do the frame like what Arnold did with his project with a flat black color. (Great job, Arnold by the way! 😉) It’s a tiny little bike so it shouldn’t take long. It’s going to be another exciting session so please join me on Thursday and let’s talk more about it!

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P.S. Did you enjoy the tour of the Paradice Garage? Nala sure likes the property since he has so much room to run and stretch! I know it’s still a messy place but we’re fixing it up slowly but surely! 👌

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