Using A Small Air Compressor To Paint An Entire Car: Auto Body Q&A 🤔

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Hello My #BossPainter nation! We are back with another live auto body Q&A session. Today’s highlight is Using A Small Air Compressor To Paint An Entire Car.

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Question: I have a 20-gallon air compressor but I need more air capacity. Can I get another air compressor and link the two together with an air manifold block?

Yes, you can link it together with piping. Sometimes air compressors have an opening where you can screw in a pipe and connect it. I also had VIPs who connect air compressors to have more volume.

Alternatively, you can save up on cash and buy a used 60-gallon air compressor on Craiglist so you won’t have any issues with volume. 

Question: Would 40-gallons of air compressor capacity be enough to spray a whole car? 

Yes it is possible however, it can get really tricky since you’ll run out of volume. You’ll run out of air. It also depends on a lot of factors such as what horsepower motor you have or how much volume are you cranking with your motor and what type of CFM is it cranking out?

You’ll be playing a catch-up game with small air compressors. I have other blogs that talk about air compressors and ideal sizes for your projects.

It’s tough because you’ll need to have continuous flow especially if you’re spraying a clear coat. It won’t be that bad when you’re doing base coat since it doesn’t need to be that wet. 

However, it’s not easy when you’re laying on your clear coat since you need to lay it on wet continuously to have a nice flow of clear.

I did it in the past but you need to constantly manipulate your spray times and constantly adjust your gun since you’ll be running out of air so you need to open it up.

Question: I sanded the old paint down to the primer on most spots and I did hit metal on some. Is it okay to paint on those spots?

Yes, you can paint over metal but you need to make sure to dust it. I have step-by-step videos on that in the LearnAutoBodyAndPaint VIP Program. If you are not yet part of the VIP community, I highly encourage you to check it out.

Question: I’m having problems with fisheye and orange peel when I spray clear coat. What needs to be done?

The most important thing is that everything is clean before you start painting. You need to make sure your panels are waxed and grease removed.

Also ensure that you’re using the proper mixing ratios with your clear coat. I’m not sure what type of environment you’re in but also check that your neighbor is not spraying WD on their car. 

There can be a lot of reasons why you’re running into those problems. 

Question: Is spraying clear over single-stage paint a bad idea?

No, it’s not. You can spray a polyurethane clear coat over single-stage. I recommend doing it after you spray single-stage.

However, if you want to spray over a single-stage after it cured and dried, I recommend scuffing it with 800-1000 grit then lay your clear coat on it. 

It will be easier if you have a solid color. However, you need to be careful if you’re using 800-grit over metallic since you might risk blotching your metallic.

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Question: I have a ‘53 Chevy Pick-up and painted it blue and red with Omni products. The hood came out with a lot of orange peel, my friend buffed it out and it still looks dull. Should I re-clear it?

Yes, you can re-clear it. However, you need to wash it down with wax and silicone-removing dish soap and use a good clear coat. 

I’d recommend sanding it with 800-grit and get it flat, wax and grease remove it and lay two heavy clear coats on it. 

Zen Wax on Zoolaa

You may not be buffing it correctly that’s why it looks dull. You can possibly re-sand it with 1500-grit and take your time in buffing.

Use a water-based wax. I like using Zen Wax High-Performance Spray Wax which is available on Zoolaa. It’s an awesome product. 

Atom X27 Spray Gun on Zoolaa

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Keep safe everyone! Talk soon! Cheers! 


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