Connecting Two Small Compressors – Air Compressor Size For Painting 😉

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Hey, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint with another Q&A video. Here’s a question from someone the land down under, Australia. 🙂

“Tony, Greetings from Sydney Australia! I would appreciate your advice on how to paint my Ford in acrylic metallic with these air compressors:

One is a 40 L 2.5 hp 112 L/MIN and the other is The other one is a 50L 2hp 222 L/MIN.

The conversion from Liter to Gallon is 1 liter=0.264172 US liquid gallon. Therefore, one is a 10-gallon compressor and the other one is a 13-gallon. Both are still tight for painting an entire car. 

You’ll need to have about 227-liter tank to be comfortable painting an entire car since you’ll be using a lot of volume for painting a large car. 

If you’re using two small tanks like these, you won’t have enough air to blow paint out of your gun. You’ll need to stop and wait for the air compressors to play catch-up before you can continue on. 

I’ve painting with 30-gallon tanks in the past. It’s doable but very tricky. You’ll need to lay it on wet and make sure that it doesn’t dry.

If you’re using these air compressors, I recommend painting your car in sections. Maybe painting one or two panels at a time. 

You will also need an LVLP Spray Gun for these. Check out the Atom X20 LVLP Spray Gun on Zoolaa. It’s the best medium-grade spray gun in the market. If you want the brand’s top of the line model, they have the Atom X27 Spray Gun.

They have an ongoing promo at the moment. Get a free Gun Budd for every Atom X27 Spray Gun you purchase. Head on over to Zoolaa now and learn more about these awesome Atom Spray Guns. I’ve been using them in the LearnAutoBodyAndPaint Headquarters and they produce fantastic paint job results. 

You can connect two air compressors to turn these two small tanks to double the size. You can hook them up and have two motors pumping to double the quickness and turn it to a 5 HP. 

If you have a little bit of money, you can pick up a larger compressor. I’m sure you can find a larger air compressor which is not that expensive to paint a complete car without any issues. Look for something near 200 to 250 liters in size. 

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