Quiet Air Compressors and The Liter Gallon Size You Need 🤫

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Hey, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint with another live video for the Q&A series. Here’s the question.

“Tony, what do you think about this compressor. I am thinking of picking a project maybe in two weeks time and considering neighbors. I want a very silent compressor without others noticing as in Australia, Environmental Protection Authorities are very strict about noise especially grumpy neighbors. What are your thoughts? Thanks.”

He sent me a picture of this oil-free air compressor on eBay. So here are the things you want to think about. What size of air compressor do you need? You can always look at picking a silent one. 

You can also build a box and insulate it if it is a loud air compressor. A 30-liter air compressor is pretty small.

If we convert liters to gallons, 30 liters is 7.98 gallon, which is a tiny air compressor. If you’ll be  spraying motorcycle tanks, then you’ll be fine with this air compressor. 

However, look for and at least a 30-gallon (which is around 113 liters) air compressor if you’ll be painting a hood of a car. I’d recommend at least 227 liters if you’re painting a complete car. 

You can paint a complete car with a 30-gallon air compressor but you need to make sure that it pumps out a pretty good amount of CFM, around 15 to 75 CFM because you’ll need that air flow. 

You’ll be playing catch-up, waiting for your air tank to build up to have enough pressure to paint. 

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There are a lot of things you can do to lessen your air compressor’s noise, such as building a little box around it and insulate it. 

Check out California Air Tools, you’ll find a bunch of quiet air compressors as well as larger ones. 

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