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Hey, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint with another video for the Q&A series. Today’s video is entitled, Buffing Overspray After Clearcoating. Here’s the question. 

“Tony, first off let me tell you this is great that you are willing to take the extra step to help your VIP members. I repainted my ‘51 Ford truck since it had some chips and decided to go ahead and repaint the same color. I sanded it down to 320-grit and made the repairs it needed, used 2k primer but the primer didn’t harden and the paint supplier said that it was the wrong hardener.

They came over and helped me remove the primer with a lot of rags and a lot of thinner. Lesson learned. Try a sample first before you paint the whole car or truck. This would be good to put in your lessons. Once that was over, I did a two-stage base and clear. It looked like I had some overspray. Now, I’m sanding my clear coat and I have a couple of spots where it looks like there is no clear. I did try one of the spots to see if it would buff out and it looks like it did. But what would have caused this and what will be the long term effect if I just buff it?”

Looks like you have an overspray. I recommend that you just sand and buff it. There is no long term effect, if you properly sand, cut and buff it. 

Maybe you waited too long when you were painting? The paint dried, you were painting somewhere else on the truck which caused the overspray.

Make sure you sand it all out and buff it out with your two-stage buffing process. The wool pad number 1 using a good compound and then the foam pad using your refinishing. That’s in the VIP member’s area, try to go through them again as reference. 

Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint with today’s blog entitled Buffing Overspray After Clearcoating. Thanks for sending in this question. Send in your question and if possible, attach some picture for me to give you a more accurate and comprehensive advice. 

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