Complete Paint Job Prepping Tips Live

Hey, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. Thanks for joining me in today’s live show. Our topic is Complete Paint Job Prepping Tips Live.

I’m glad you guys are on today. We’ll be doing a lot more Q&A tonight, so send in all of your questions.

This Daihatsu Mini Truck Project is basically ready for primer. You can see I’m all dusty now because I was working on this earlier. My goal is to paint this within the next week.

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I have a lot of content in there and I’m regularly updating the member’s area so it’s packed with a lot of information that will help you with your own custom projects.

Question: How much flake do you use for an old car? [4:04]

It all depends on how much flake you want it to have. The more micro your flake is, the less flake you will need because it’s just going to get mixed up in your clear coat really well, or your mid coat. It will lay out really nice. Every coat that you do will double the effect.

Question: What is the best lighting, fluorescent or LED? [4:40]

I use fluorescent. I have never really painted with LED. However, I’m pretty sure that a daytime LED will be fine too.

Question: Can I spray over epoxy primer? [4:57]


Question: What causes primer bubbles over bondo? [5:02]


Question: How do you prevent solvent pop? [5:06]

By making sure your paint is dry before clearing it and doing your base coats. Give it time to dry.

Question: What’s the best sand paper to remove paint? [5:33]

If you’re trying to remove all the paint, you might want to use 80-grit to 100-grit and get down to bare metal. It really depends on what you’re trying to do.

Question: Can I paint my entire car with a 60-gallon compressor with only 11.5 cfm? [6:32]

You can probably do it with a LVLP spray gun. That’s pretty much the MP versions that we have on Zoolaa. Check out the Atom X Series Spray Guns.

The truck is all sanded down and all the body work is done. Check out the bumper that I did body work on. It had a big dent and scratches. We sanded it down and roughed to about 150-grit. The bottom area was patched with epoxy.

Next is I’m going to wet sand with 400-grit and then 2K primer the entire thing with 2-3 heavy coats. Then, sand it very smooth. We’ll do a little bit of glaze putty on top of it for any imperfections.

Then, water sand the glaze putty, reshoot primer because you don’t want to paint over glaze primer and then you’re good to go.

Question: Does plastic need to be completely primered to base coat? [7:06]


Question: How do I paint two-tone? [20:30]

I’m going to show you exactly how to paint two-tone on this mini truck. This project will actually show you how to paint three-tone. It will look really awesome.

If you’re doing a complete job, you can do the jambs and clear coat in one day and make sure you tape it out really well so you won’t get overspray inside.

Question: What’s the best way to cut surface rust to bare metal? [29:22]

Go hard core with 80-grit and sand it down to metal.

Question: What color flakes go with black? [29:31]

Any type will look good with it. Check out the Rainbow Flake on black. It depends on what gold you will use. Let me tell you, I’ve had black with Inca Gold Pearl and it looked green. It had a green hue to it.

It looked awful. I was lucky that I just did it on a gas tank on it. I thought it would look great, but in the sun it had a greenish hue. It was very weird. I never really tried the black and gold after that.

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