How To Fix Cracks in Plastic Bumper Cover: Auto Body Q&A 🚘

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Hello guys! Tony B. Richie is back with another live stream. Today’s auto body highlight is How To Fix Cracks in Plastic Bumper Cover. 

Thanks for joining me today and hope everyone is safe and well! Let’s go ahead with the auto body questions. 

Question: Can you spray matte clear coat over single stage paint?

Yes, absolutely. I’d recommend that you sand down your single-stage with 1000-grit to scuff it up. You can also test an area with 800-grit sandpaper. 

If you have metallics, I’d recommend using 1000 to 1200-grit before you put clear on it so you won’t mess it up. 

On the other hand, if it’s a flat color, test it out first with 800-grit to see if it’s good, then clear coat over it. 

You won’t see any scratches when clear coating over 800-grit. It will fill up and you’ll be fine. Additionally, I’d also recommend flow coating over 800-grit. You can go 1000-grit but sometimes, I feel that it’s too fine and may have clear coat issues down the line.

Question: What type of paint do you use when painting suspension, rear differential components when restoring a car?

You can use the basic base coat clear coat or single-stage enamel. If you are worried about paint chipping, you want something rugged and don’t really fuss about colors, I would use 80 to 150-grit (since you’re prepping metal) and spray it with black raptor liner.  

They have tints in different colors that you can make. However, I usually go black for underbody and truck beds. It gives a nice thick rubberized undercoating which is super durable. 

Remember if you made runs on your base coat, I would wait 40 to 45 minutes to let it dry. Then use 400-grit to cut it down and get it flat. Try not to get it to metal and re-base that area.

Question: What CFM sized air compressors are recommended for media blasting?

I recommend at least a 60-gallon air tank that puts out 14 to 18 SCFM at 40 pounds. At 90 pounds, you’ll get less SCFM because you have more pressure coming out. I have a lot of videos on air compressors. Check out my channel and the blogs on the website and search topics on air compressors.

Question: I’m working on my BMW’s body and bumper. The bumper is hard plastic. What type of filler would be best?

If you have cracks on your plastic bumper cover, I would definitely recommend an epoxy. Continue watching the video as Tony gives an in-depth explanation on this.

Question: Why keep the water trap 10-15 away from the compressor? 

You need to give your airline room. If it’s too close, you’ll end up with more condensation. Hence, it shouldn’t be right next to your air compressor since that’s where most of the heat is. 

If you have all that heat trap in your hose with air next to your compressor, you’ll get a ton of condensation right there.

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