Explaining Air Compressors for Car Painting: Auto Body Q&A 🧐

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We are back with another auto body Q&A session and today’s focus is Explaining Air Compressors for Car Painting . I hope the #BossPainter community is doing okay and keeping safe. 

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Let’s proceed with the auto body Q&A: 🥳

Question: What is the difference between wet sanding and dry sanding?

There is no huge difference. With wet sanding, you save on your paper and get a cleaner cut. However, there are instances wherein wet sanding is better than dry sanding and vice versa.

You always dry sand when shaping body filler. On the other hand, wet sanding is better when doing finishing work such as cutting down your primer because you can see how smooth and glossy it will be. It looks like a dolphin’s back.

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Question: Was able to do a test with my empty gun and compressor and was able to pull the trigger for 30 seconds before my compressor kicked in without any loss of pressure. Will my set up work for panels?

Yes. you should be able to do okay.  I don’t know about the specifics of your air compressor, but 30 seconds is a long time to cover a panel like a fender. It really depends on your set-up.

Question: Can I use a small compressor for auto body?

It is possible but you may have difficulty. I’d recommend checking out this article on Zoolaa: Best Small 20 – 30 Gallon Air Compressors for Auto Painting Projects

Additionally, there are so many resources under blogs on the website. Check out some of these blogs:

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I recommend using at least a 30-gallon tank because it takes a while to refill the tank and you’ll run out of volume.

Volume is very important when you’re painting because you need to make sure you have a lot of air volume to supply your paint time. Ideally, larger air compressors with at least 30 gallons are recommended to hold larger compressed air for you to use during your painting.

On the other hand, your motor is the one recharging the air tank for you. It’s better to have a bigger horsepower and stronger CFM to recharge your air tank for faster recovery and overall volume.

Like what I always say in my other videos, you can do it with a smaller air compressor but you just need to play catch-up and wait for the compressor to kick-up.

Question: Would you use any Harbor Freight Paint Gun? 

Atom X27 Spray Gun

Yes, I did use it in the past for some demos but I threw them away. They don’t last long. If you want high-quality spray guns which are affordable, I’d recommend the Atom Spray Guns on Zoolaa

However, spray guns may last longer as long as you clean them. The fastest way to damage your spray gun is not keeping them clean, especially if you’re using an epoxy primer or thick polyester primers.

Question: ​Are there advantages of polyester primer vs urethane primers for final prime and blocking?

I did a keynote presentation recently on this. Check out this blog: Should YOU Apply Body Filler Directly Over Metal or Epoxy Primer? 🤷‍♂️

I like to finish up my bodywork and get it really close to at least 320-grit. Then, cover it really well with a 2K filler primer, block it out and use glaze putty if needed. Lastly, prime it and get it ready for paint. 

Thanks everyone fo joining me today. It’s the #BossPainter Tony B. Richie with another session entitled Explaining Air Compressors for Car Painting: Auto Body Q&A 🧐.

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