Why Do I Get A Textured-Look In My Clear Coat: Auto Body Q&A 😔

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The #BossPainter is back with another auto body Q&A! Today’s highlight question is Why Do I Get A Textured-Look In My Clear Coat? 

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Question: What is the best way to blend a quarter panel?

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Question: Why did I get an areola-like when I put paint around my bodywork on a fibreglass Corvette top, but it was not noticeable when I had sand down my primer?

It’s probably because there are some parts of your body filler where it absorbed the primer. However, it goes away when you sand it so it’s normal. However, you may want to give it some extra coats of primer so it fills all that in. 

Question: What’s the fastest way to polish aluminium lip on rims that are oxidized and cracking/peeling? 

Cracking and peeling means that there might be clear on it. You need to sand it all out with 1500-grit to 3000-grit. Sanding will polish it up. Then, you can use “Mothers” for your final polish. 

As for the oxidation you mentioned, you can water sand anywhere between 1500-grit to 2500-grit. Go finer grits as you take it out.

Question: When you have clear coat peeling do you put the primer in those areas when you’re done sanding?

Yes you do, especially if it’s a bad clear and you’ve sanded down to multiple layers. Remember to prime those areas when you’re down to multiple layers to seal it so you won’t get any chemical reaction on those areas. Also remember that primer is a form of sealer.

 Question: What causes textured-look after painting?

I suppose you’re talking about a dieback wherein you’ve painted and put a clear coat on then it looks dry and textured a few days after.

That is normal with most clear coats. It’s not the painter’s fault as long as you’ve mixed your paints correctly. This usually happens to inexpensive clear coats and reducers. 

The only fix for this is that you sand it with 1500-grit, get it down to 2000-grit and buff it out. If it’s really bad, you might need to use 800-grit.

I recommend that you spend the extra money on a good clear coat. Another issue is orange peel where it looks like a textured paint imperfection where it looks wavy. 

It’s Tony B. Richie with another auto body Q&A entitled Why Do I Get A Textured-Look In My Clear Coat: Auto Body Q&A. 

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