When to use 2k Primer and Epoxy Primer: Autobody Q&A

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“I sanded a car down to bare metal. Got busy and put her in the garage. Now 6 months later, she is rusting. Anything easy I can do before primer or re-sand?” 

Alright, re-sand it and then prime it. And then, you could put an epoxy primer on it, to seal it up, and then you can put a 2k filler primer on top of that. After that week later or actually the next day if you want. 

“Going to be changing a dark navy TDI Jetta to a lighter blue with a metal flake (base/clear). should I: (a) sand to metal and start from scratch or (b) light scuff and epoxy prime and go from there?” 

It depends if this is like a super sentimental build and you want to go from the ground up and take it down to bare metal, you could. I think that’s a little extreme in my opinion.

I would go with B, light scuff. You could prep it with you, it doesn’t light scuff. You’re gonna scuff it down a little bit more than a light scuff. Go with like a medium scuff if that makes sense, basically sand it down with like a 220 or 240 grit sandpaper. 

I know that it may sound a little rough. But if you’re going to prime it, prime the whole thing which I recommend because it’ll give you a good paint foundation.

And I would use a 2k filler primer instead of an epoxy. I don’t think you got to go to epoxy if you’re going to go down a bare metal. 

You should go with epoxy, but if you’re going to be 240 grit, all of your paint, then I would put two medium to heavy coats of 2k filler primer on it and block it down with 400 grit sandpaper. That’ll be the perfect foundation for you to put your base coat clear coat on top of. 

If you want to go a step further, to make sure this job is going to come out fantastic, and although it will if you painted directly over a 2k filler primer as a foundation. 

You could spray a sealer only on top of that before you spray your base coat clear coat. So say your 2k filler primer is sanded down, blocked out. Glaze some rock chips or whatever, it’s all ready to go looks good. 

You could spray a sealer right on top of it, the day you’re painting. You could just put an all-around sealer on it, seal it, then you can spray your base coat clear coat on top of it. That’s if you want to go the extra mile, but you don’t have to. You’re gonna save a couple of hundred bucks if you don’t, so just an option. Hopefully, that helps.  

“Sealer may give orange peel?”

That’s true, sealer could give you a little bit of texture on it. So that’s why I personally don’t really like to spray sealers that much. 

It’s not necessary if you have a good 2k fille primer slash sealer foundation. Because if you reduce 2k filler primer its pretty much acts as a sealer. And on some brands, it’ll tell you if you want to use that as a sealer. Add like 10 more reducers to thin it out, basically, you’re just gonna thin it out a little bit.

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