Tips on Painting Deep-dish Rims – Paradice Garage Update: Autobody Q&A

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I said we’re gonna be doing a candy blue and Spanish gold combination with some kind of other color graphics in it, maybe black or something. But it’s gonna be a cool project.

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Autobody Q&A

Question #1: ​If you had to choose one, which spray gun would you recommend as a solid all-around spray gun? Also any tips on painting deep-dish rims?

Answer: As far as a solid all-around gun, I would definitely look into X27 Atom Spray Gun. LVLP if you have a smaller compressor or an HVLP if you have a larger compressor if you want to run one gun. In a nutshell, I would recommend X88 but they’re out of stock for another couple of months.

In painting rims, it’s better to paint it when it’s laying down flat when you are looking at it. Don’t paint the car rim basically on the car, you don’t want to paint the car wheel this way. On the ground, lay it down or something so you can come in and paint from the top.

Make sure you mask up to your tire and then you could spray it, but sit it down in your garage and when you paint, walk around the tire as your painting.

Just walk, keep spraying the same (we’re gonna have videos on this). But basically, you’re gonna keep spraying up and down. Getting the inner edge and outer edge from in to outward, and just walk around the tire and keep hitting it.

The ATOM Series spray guns are nowhere to be found, only here. They are the NEWEST line of superb technology spray guns on the market.

(I’m going to have an in-depth video with this). It’s going to make it easier to get even coverage all the way around the rim. And it should come out fantastic and yes X16 is great for painting rims. 

Question 2: Any tips on cracking Bondo? 

Answer: If you are doing a repair job on a classic or something, you see a cracked body filler. #1, you’re gonna want to grind it all out. Get a disc with a 36 grit grinder disc, just grind it all out, go down the metal. And #2, do some body, and dolly-hammer work, get the metal out as much as possible. Then put a thinner skin of body filler on it then shape it. 

Question 3: What type do you use to mask the tire? I’ve tried that and 3m like off yellow doesn’t stick.

Answer: The 3m yellow tape is actually very good, just make sure that the tires are clean. You got no oil on them. #1 use a degreaser, clean your tires really good, get that shine off. Once you do that, you shouldn’t have a problem with masking tape.

Question 4: ​Hey tony, on your honda CRV single-stage project, I think you used X27 LVLP, were you at the wide-open fluid and 25 psi? You didn’t use a light dust coat first?

Answer: No, I  did not, that was a single-stage product normally with a single stage. I just put two medium-heavy wet coats on it and you’re done. And I didn’t use the X27, I actually used the X88 spray gun. Yes, wide open fluid, all of my guns are always wide open fluid flow. (watch the video on how to set it up). And yes I sprayed at about 25 psi give or take at the guage.

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