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What’s up guys! Tony here from and Paradice Garage. One of the questions today is about “Runs on Clear Coat”. Hope this video helps you with your AutoBody and Paint problems. Get Free Auto Body Training Guides and Videos here and don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to his YT channel.


Q&A: How hard is it to fix a front bumper that is cracked? Or do you think it’s best to order a replacement? 

It depends on the crack how big it is, but most times, you can easily fix bumper covers that are cracked. You know if there are plastic bumper covers, they can be fixed. You can get that Fancy Stitch weld. Don’t know if you want to spend your money, all you need is an angle grinder wire.

We’ll grind the back, make it like a V-notch on both sides of the front and back. Then heat it with a heat gun or a hairdryer if needed. Bend/mold it, push the dent out and we have videos on this in VIP. 

Q&A:  Is it true when you sand out the trash on the clear and just that little spot can cause a dent if you do too much?

Yeah, well, I mean, it doesn’t make a dent. It won’t make a dent in the metal right? It’ll make a little dent in your clear. So when sanding you want to kind of make sure to feather the whole area as well. You don’t want to just cut too much in one area. You can, with a DA if you’re looking to get out like fisheye or something.

Or you can just use the corner of a DA and sand this way. Use the circular part to cut it and then I like to go on top of it flat just to flatten it out. And then buff it.

Q&A: What light do you recommend when spraying a car in the booth, to check how you spraying the base so it won’t look like tiger stripes or something?

I think you already know the answer to it. The answer is GUNBUDD. Guys, you really got to get the product. It’s a great product if you haven’t checked it out. 

But seriously, I’ve painted with that thing in complete darkness in the garage.  With lights on in my garage and with the light, it helps so much because you eliminate all shadows.

It’s the best sunlight/bright light on your settings that you want to see exactly how you’re spraying on your pearl-flakes, candies, everything. Seriously, it works really well. 

I just gave you an Amazon link you can check it out. But then if you get a spray gun on Zoolaa, you will get a free GUNBUDD. So that might be something you might want to check out as well.

Q&A: What’s the best way to get rid of RUNS on clear coat?

Runs on Clear Coat: Give it a couple of days. If you’re in a rush, you could probably do it the next day depending on what speed clears, if you’re using a speed-clear. Sometimes you could buff the next day or you can buff six hours later. 

It depends on the product you’re using but most clear coats, I like to let sit for three to four days, the longer the better, if it’s a custom project. I’ll let it get hard for two-three weeks before I buff, that’s just me. I like to have my clear coat set up and cured before I cut and buff. And it just makes sense, for all the solvents to evaporate, right? Have it nice and dry-cured. 

Then you cut, buff, and polish because once you polish and wax or ceramic coat, it seals it, and your paints not going to be able to breathe. So you want to make sure to let your paint breathe for a good few weeks after your paint job and this is if you’re doing a custom job.

If you’re doing a paint job on a car that you care for and you want to last that sentimental, then you do that. If you’re doing an in-and-out job for a regular customer, you can do it. It’s not going to just cut and buff a couple of days later or a day or two later. It doesn’t mean that the whole paint job is going to blow up after you cut and buff it, but you can still cut and buff but not seal.

You can get it to a glossy state and tell them to keep it like that. Keep it in your garage dry. You could use it for a week or two but I wouldn’t wax it for another couple of weeks. That’s what you tell the customer but for your information. That’s what you know. Hopefully, that was helpful guys.


Thanks for tuning in. New video coming out soon on that. Probably we’ll get into painting candy rims. You guys want to see that. We will just do the whole video on candy rims. And then later on we’ll drop the complete video but this thing is going to be customized as well.

We’ve got a brand new model, this thing is going to be next. We’re going to be doing the BMW I3 and the bus too. You’re gonna see me do a step by step A to Z transformation on a 40 foot school bus. Well the time lapse, it’s gonna be insane.

Anyway, talk to you soon guys. Thank you guys for tuning in. You’re here with Tony at Paradice Garage, where every day is paradise. Have a good rest of the week and expect another video around.

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