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What’s up guys Tony here from Paradise garage and learn auto body and I hope you are doing well. Another topic for this Auto Body Q&A is about “PAINT CHIPS” on your car. I hope I helped you out with this Auto Body Question and Answer live video. Get Free Auto Body Training Guides and Videos here and don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to his YT channel.

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Alright, so what do you guys working on any new projects, any Auto Body questions, concerns? You’re working on something you don’t know. The step to take you don’t know what paint to use. You’re kind of in the middle. Let us know I’m just here chilling in the paradise garage bus. And just tuning on for you because it’s your time right now.

QUESTION: Having truck media blasted. When it comes back bare metal, want to use Tamco Epoxy. What’s a decent prep to do it? Wash down with acetone? Scuff?

I would definitely just you could wipe it down, wash it number one. If maybe not wash it, but when you get it back, maybe just sand it. You can use like 80 grit or 100 grit or 120 grit. somewhere around there.

120 or even 150 to 80 grit is a good grit to put epoxy on top of. Just make sure that you do everything in one day. Or whatever you sand in prep, you’re gonna epoxy and cover because if you don’t, it might get some surface rust. Okay?

So as far as after you sand it, wipe it down with wax and grease remover or some kind of cleaner. You know, you could use acetone. I wouldn’t use lacquer thinner but I just get some wax and grease remover, make sure it’s all blown off and clean. wax and grease it, clean it, and then spray your epoxy right on top of it.

I would put like two heavy coats on it. Let that dry for a day. And then you could fill it up with 2k filler primer, the whole thing. And then you could do your bodywork on top of that. 

QUESTION: I need to repaint the front clip on my RC 350. Hood also needs touching up. Should I repaint both and feather into front fenders? 

Yeah, why not? And I would actually base coat your front fenders and then clear it, like paint the whole thing not blend into it.

Paint the whole thing, front clip hood, front bumper, and the fenders whatever you’re painting. One-shot, and then that, you could just buff out the rest of the car to match the new paint. 

QUESTION: When painting chrome, what grit you would sand first? Do you need to sand down the epoxy before spraying 2k filler? 

You can spray right on top of it as long as the epoxy is fresh for about a week. After sitting for about a week. I mean the window time on spraying over epoxy with 2k is about five days. Anything longer than that I would scuff very lightly with maybe 220 grit just to scuff it, blow it off. Wipe it off again and then 2K filler prime on top.

QUESTION: How do I fix paint chips didn’t see in VIP, without having to clear the whole hood?

Well, it’s in VIP. All right, we cover both scenarios. Paint chips, you could just get a little paint mixed up. To do it correctly, you have to clear the whole hood. You have to repaint the whole thing to do it correctly. Because you’re going to be doing glazing the chips. You’re going to be feathering it out, 2k filler primer it, blocking, basing the section or even though hood, and then clearing the whole thing. Okay? 

So to make it come out nice, it has to be repainted, but I do show you that way in VIP over various projects. We also go over touch-up chips in VIP.

Basically, just get your paint and just fill up your little chips and just remember to get a toothbrush with some simple green or whatever.

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And if you have that old-school wax build-up in those chips or whatever compound or whatever. 

You’re going to make sure you clean those chips out before you do anything. Those chips have to be clean of any sort of compound, wax, or whatever before you do any repainting. So just keep that in mind. Been having some paint matching issues so far, I’ve tried Martin Senour and now I’ve tried deleting with PPG shades, still not matching got to get redone.

Maybe if you want send me some images or a video to I can take a look for you, maybe give you an idea. If you’re having a problem with color matching, you might want to take your car down to the paint shop where they could put the machine on it and make the color for you. 

QUESTION: Would you recommend sanding 2k primer sealer (finish 1 brand ) car is sitting for about 3 days? 

Yes. Why not? You could sand it 2K primer filler sealer. Okay. You could sand to 400 grit ready for paint and blast on top of that.

I talk to you soon. guys! Keep cranking Have a great day and have a good evening.🏝🏝 Mahalo, thank you guys for tuning in! Seriously, appreciate it. Alright, cheers. Peace out! ✌


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