CRACKED Bodywork? What to do??😱 – Auto Body and Paint Q&A LIVE from Paradice Garage

I hope you enjoyed our quick Autobody Q&A Live session from Paradice Garage. I hope this Autobody Q&A helped you out with your AutoBody and Paint projects, especially to those with “Cracked Bodywork”. Get your Free AutoBody Training Guides and Videos here and join me on my YT Live AutoBody Q&A session to get great information to help you with your own custom paint projects!

Question: Tiger striping in silver?

➡Okay. So basically Tiger striping and silver are okay. It could be improper gun settings. Okay. It could be a combination, improper gun settings and improper spray pattern, distance, and speed. Okay, from your panel, which is very important when painting anything. Okay, as long as you get distance and speed down. I think that’s 80% of your, your paint job, you know, distance speed. And then, of course, having a good mid-grade spray gun. 

Question: Hey, Tony, my clear coat looks bad. Can I just sand the clear, feather the clear, and just re-clear it? 

➡Now my thoughts are and if you ask, probably 99 out of 100 painters will tell you the same thing, right. So if this clear is bad enough to where you have to sand it, where it’s peeling, and it’s flaking, you got to sand to take it down, you know, you’re doing all the work anyway, you might as well put a fresh coat of bass on it. After you do that. And then clear coat. You might as well do it because it’s just an extra fresh coat of paint on it. Okay, and then you put your clear on it. You never want to clear coat over old faded, clear like that.

And old base coat because it’s just gonna look like crap. Because you know, your clear turns color over the years. Right? It changes a little you probably don’t see it. Some cars are worse than others, you’ll get like yellow tinges, some of them not as much. You know, so if that makes you reconsider your whole paint job, right? Oh, maybe I should just paint the whole thing, right. If I’m going to put new paint on the roof, and hood. It’s not going to match my fenders.

The other thing you could do is just paint your hood and roof and then buffed out the rest of your car to make it match the new color paint, right? Because you can’t make old paint look like new paint. Right? You could to a certain extent by buffing okay, but you can’t make it look like the new fresh coat that you just laid on. Right next to it. So that’s the thing. You don’t have to go to bare metal. Okay, you could just sand it, scuff it and get it nice and flat, and then kill it. You know, paint it?

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Question:  What do you recommend for cracked bodywork?

➡So if you have cracked bodywork like body filler, I recommend grinding it out. Okay, and start all over. So, again, it depends on the project you’re working on. If you’re working on a wham-bam, thank you, ma’am, in and out job, you might just want to grind the area down quickly refill it sanded down and painted.

Okay, it depends on what you’re doing. I don’t know if you’re doing that. Or if you’re doing a high-quality, sentimental build, you know, for yourself or your friend or whatever, then you’re gonna want to definitely take it all the way down. 

Do your bodywork, you know, maybe replace a panel, I don’t know. But get it to where you don’t have to have a lot of filler on it. Okay? And then you basically prep it and paint it. But when it comes to custom bodywork, sometimes there’s no way around putting thick filler in certain areas to get that shape that you want.

I’m not talking like an inch or two inches thick, you know, maybe three-quarters of an inch. If you’re doing something that may be very rare, I hardly do custom cars that need that much unless you have a lot of filler, then you would probably doing fiberglass rather than body filler. But I’m just saying you know, custom work does take more filler, fiberglass, and modifications than regular bodywork. Yeah, no problem, Alex. Hopefully, that helps.

===Alright guys, so hopefully you guys are doing great. Have a great week. I will continue making content. We’re going to start filming this BMW this week. And it’s gonna be super cool. You guys gonna like it. All right. So I’ll talk to you soon. Have a great evening. Cheers. Peace out. Aloha. Mahalo for tuning in. Peace Out. Thank you Arnold for the support. Thank you everybody in here for the support.


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  1. Hi Tony, I sprayed a base coat (with metallic) on two front fenders, three weeks ago. It has been hot and humid since. I am waiting for the right weather to shoot the clear. I use a homemade paint booth out in my driveway. The base coat has a small amount of dirt in it. Should I clear over it, followed by sanding or can I lightly sand it first. Thanks for your videos, they have helped me much. P.S> I am 75 years old.


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